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Tauer Perfumes has launched Nexin, a new limited edition fragrance celebrating the brand’s 18th birthday.

TAUER PERFUMES proudly presents NEXIN, a limited edition extrait de parfum created by renowned perfumer Andy Tauer to celebrate 18 years of creativity in the world of unique fragrances.

Each bottle is numbered from 1 to 1000 and captures the beauty of the cosmos and sparkling stars with the extrait it contains. Each bottle of this perfume is a strictly numbered one-of-a-kind and is accompanied by a personal card with a handwritten note from the fragrance creator himself.

“Nexin” is a term derived from the word “nexus”, which signifies a connection or link between people, things, or parts of a system as well as a connected group or series of things. The term also implies the core or center of a matter or situation. This fragrance, created by Andy Tauer, serves as a bridge between his earlier work such as “L’air du desert marocain” and his newer creations like “Golestan” and “Sundowner”. Nexin is a celebration of nearly two decades of perfume creation. By connecting the past with the present, Nexin serves as a reminder of the grandeur of perfume and connects you with the creative universe of Tauer.


To celebrate its uniqueness, we present NEXIN in a white 50ml pentagonal flacon, with white Bakelite cap. What a beauty!

As you spritz NEXIN, you’ll be transported to a sparkling universe. The fragrance is classy, rich and blends fresh citrus notes with rose oil, lemon blossom, a dash of iris root, and warm woods, creating a captivating and grounding scent. The depth and richness of amber gris, tonka, vetiver, and oakmoss add to its sophistication and refinement.

Tauer Perfumes Nexin is available in 50 ml Extrait de Parfum, $226 (at the exchange rate as of this writing).

(first quote via essenza-nobile.de, second quote via tauerperfumes)

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