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Humans first began making jewelry at least 120,000 years ago, although at that time these were simple shell necklaces. That means humans have been making jewelry long before we discovered how to make wine, or how to domesticate dogs.

Needless to say, we are a species that is very concerned about our appearance. For hundreds of thousands of years, we have understood how a simple braided band around our neck or wrist can make quite an impact on our outfit. That’s why women as far back as Babylon and Ancient Egypt got into the habit of wearing anklets.

Anklets are about the simplest piece of jewelry you can wear, like a bracelet or a necklace. But don’t be fooled, the anklet adds a ton to your daily look. Here are 13 reasons why you should be wearing an anklet on the daily. 

1. Anklets Can Have Spiritual Meaning

Jewelry has had spiritual and religious significance for as long as we have been wearing it. Take the widow’s mite, or a cross necklace. Jewelry is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it is symbolic.

Throughout the ages, people have been wearing anklets for spiritual purposes. Take Native American tribes, who would include feathers in their anklets. This transformed the anklet into a talisman to shield from negative energy and instead bring good luck.

Anklets were a huge part of Hindu culture. India to this day continues to be a popular destination for spiritual tourism. Women in India would wear an anklet to demonstrate their social caste and marital status–as well as a means of stimulating chakra points.

In some cultures, they wear the anklet as a symbol of grounding, or emotional stability. Think of it as an anchor to a spiritually-solid foundation. Many view anklets as a sort of spiritual connection that keeps them in tune with the beyond.

At the end of the day, you can choose whichever spiritual meaning your desire for an anklet. They can stand as a symbol for a new journey or a commitment to your goals. Whatever the case, there is a ton of spiritual history behind the anklet, and if you wear an anklet, you take part in that.

2. They Are Low-Maintenance Pieces


Perhaps you are not all that concerned with the spiritual side of things, but rather with convenience. Jewelry is great, but sometimes it’s nice to put it on and forget about it. Buying something like a necklace often requires taking it off before bed or showering.

Anklets are a very low-maintenance type of body jewelry. You can wear them for days or weeks at a time without having to take them off. And if they have certain materials like sterling silver, they are highly resilient from everyday wear and tear.

This means that wherever you go, you already have jewelry locked into your look. And luckily, most types of anklets go well with practically any look, whether you are wearing pajamas, gym clothes, or a formal gown.

3. You Can Wear Them in the Shower


Another factor in tandem with low maintenance is not having to worry about taking something off for a quick shower. If you are the sort of person who likes to wear a lot of jewelry, that could be a daily hassle.

Unclasping a necklace, bracelets, and earrings can take a few minutes just on its own. But as long as your anklet doesn’t have a material that suffers water damage, you can keep it on.

4. They Give You Many Options


Anklet options are as endless as any other type of jewelry. You can go with a simple braided twine all the way up to four-karat gold. There are anklets for any budget.

Anklets are amenable to accessories as well. In many ancient cultures, they would dangle jewels from them for spiritual and aesthetic reasons. The twinkling sound of metal and jewels clinking together was originally intended to draw attention to women and feminity.

5. They Can Indicate Your Marital Status


In some cultures, the anklet was a marker for married and unmarried women. Those who had not yet entered into the marital covenant wore the anklet on their right ankles. This meant that they were available and free.

But once a woman committed to her husband for eternity, she switched the anklet over to her left ankle. This meeting has faded somewhat with time, so it’s less likely that a stranger will recognize the symbolism. You can bring it back and use it to stake your claim in a relationship.

6. They Go Well with Practically Any Outfit

Most pieces of jewelry are highly dependent on the rest of your outfit. A gold chain necklace with a high-quality pendant is the sort of thing you keep on tap for special occasions, such as dinners or weddings. Most people don’t break out the “fine China” just to go to work.

In contrast, some pieces of jewelry are far too informal for attending a social event such as a graduation or a special dinner. These are typically pieces of jewelry that use leather or other natural materials.

Anklets work well with just about any outfit, regardless of their material or style. Since they are less noticeable in principle, they won’t be the statement piece that people home in on first. Rather, they will be a complement to your existing outfit.

7. They Are the Perfect Subtle Piece


Following right off the last point, anklets are subtle jewelry. People are more likely to notice your shoes or your pants before they notice an anklet. But once they do, it adds a nice final touch to your outfit.

So if you are trying to avoid something bombastic that will draw eyes from across the room, choose an anklet. They are the sort of pieces that won’t be the center of attention, yet will linger in the minds of those who got a look at your outfit.

8. They Are Comfortable to Wear


For many people, it can be uncomfortable to wear a bracelet or neck for extended periods of time. They begin to chafe or feel tight and constrictive. You get into that habit of adjusting your bracelet every few minutes because of how it sticks to your skin or rubs against it.

An anklet, on the other hand, is far less disruptive. You are likely to forget about it, just as you forget about wearing socks and shoes.

9. You Can Make Your Own

You will find an endless selection of anklets in online stores. These are the perfect pieces of jewelry to buy on the cheap, while still having them look good. But if you want to add a personal touch, you can make your own.

An anklet is perhaps the simplest piece of jewelry to fashion with your own hands, simpler even than necklaces and bracelets. It requires only one sizing, and that’s it. 

10. You Can Pair Them with Your Shoes

While anklets may not be statement pieces, they are excellent complementary pieces. They can work in tandem to draw attention to your shoes or sandals.

Say for example you have some white heels for a special event. A gold anklet can contribute to the look in an affordable, simple way.

11. You Can Wear Them Barefoot Outdoors

Say you are going to the beach for a weekend. You plan to spend most of your time barefoot. Aside from some nice flip-flops or Birkenstock sandals, your shoe collection will not be on the main stage.

Anklets just so happen to be the perfect barefoot jewelry. Go to any beach in the world, and you are bound to spot them on the ankles of surfers and volleyball players.

12. There May Be Some Health Benefits


Some people wear anklets not just for fashion, but for their own health. They claim that it helps to relieve pain in the ankles, particularly with a silver anklet. It may also help to reduce inflammation.

Silver also doubles as an antibacterial agent, which can help keep your ankles clean and healthy. Some claim that silver may even promote positivity and calm in the body. Whether or not that’s true, silver still looks great on your ankles.

13. They Do a Great Job at Accentuating Your Legs

Perhaps you take a lot of time to care for your feet and legs. You are meticulous about keeping your feet soft with a pumice stone, and you make sure to paint your nails on a regular basis. Naturally, you were looking for a way to draw attention to them and your efforts to care for them.

As we’ve stated, ankle bracelets are a great complement. They also make for excellent accentuators, too. They draw attention to your best features, such as your feet.

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Anklets go way back, with cultures spanning the globe wearing them as a symbol of femininity and marital devotion. But there are many more reasons to wear anklets, from their comfortable simplicity to their versatility with any outfit. If one thing is certain, it is this: you need to add an anklet to your daily look, and it will look great.

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