Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023

Cherigan Bleu Imperial  2023 Collage by Danu – Paris – Unsplash, Original Bottle Bleu Imperial – Cherigan, Limited Edition Bleu Imperial – Cherigan, Russell Patterson-Unsplash, Louise Brooks-Wiki Commons, Ana Itonishvili-Unsplash.

Sometimes there is at play within me, moments when instinct comes rising to the surface and an imperative to follow its urgings. Esxence 2023 was in its final day, an exciting and exhausting last chance to discover and reveal perhaps a secret or two more. Cherigan Paris booth was inviting and interesting for its array of beautiful historical cabinets filled with creations of its past history and for the welcome from Sophie and Luc Gabriel. They had resurrected Cherigan Paris in 2016 with a view to taking some of the original creations and bringing them into the 21st century, as well as creating perfumes inspired by the era of Cherigan’s creation, an admirable venture to preserve and maintain the cultural heritage of French perfumery in what is now a global market.

Luc Gabriel of Cherigan Paris

Luc Gabriel holding Cherigan Bleu Imperial

Back in 1929, Cherigan was established by an anonymous French family who remained in the background and placed a Czech immigrant, Ota Polacek as its public face, they wanted to reflect an era, those last few breaths of liberty so evident in the 1920’s and a world free to express itself with joyful abandon and elegance. Luc Gabriel has described Cherigan and its creations as the ‘thrill of a generation’, with its then headquarters in the heart of Paris at 120 Champs-Elysees and international success with wealthy and celebrated clients well known, boutiques the world over, 15 or so perfumes later, unfortunately Cherigan then disappeared by the end of the 1966. Luc Gabriel has a passion, an enduring investigative passion for the 1930’s and during his research he uncovered the long-silent house of Cherigan, recognizing its great heritage and timeless appeal, he determined to revive its great name in Perfumery and to curate this historical name into the 21st century.

Vintage Cherigan perfumes

Collection of original Cherigan Perfumes – Esxence 2023 – Danu©

As the second release of the Les Iconics Collection, following on from a re-edition of Fleurs de Tabac, originally formulated in 1929 and released in its present incarnation in 2021. Bleu Imperial first appeared in the Cherigan collection in 1930, it was a breath of a past era, between the wars, when Paris was a vibrant city, full of exuberant artists and libertine eccentrics. Bleu Imperial was a reminder to the war-weary that there existed a city full of life, daring and evocative, chic and modern. Times of great progress and invention, freedom and possibilities. Luc Gabriel from The Different Company took on the task of reviving Cherigan and along with his wife, Sophie relaunched the brand with its first releases in 2021. He sees it as a ‘bridge between two modernities, 1920 and 2020’.

Cherigan Bleu Imperial

Presentation courtesy of the brand

Bleu Imperial 2023 (Limited Edition) is a time telling escapade bought thoroughly back to life, modern and chic to its core. From its very first contact on skin, it draws the threads of two eras together like a taut drawstring, effortlessly elegant. Residing underneath its modernity lies the foundational blocks of a classic Chypre, yet Cherigan Bleu Imperial is so much more.

It’s a mist laden twilight in the city of Paris, autumnal and slightly chilled, an evening breeze lifting leaves from branches and treetops, dancing them in a caress, anticipating the nights encounters. Myriad lights illumine the Seine and the business of daylight yields to the evening and her promises. Parisians carry within and upon them an effortless style as if innate and flowing richly in their veins. Bleu Imperial is that essence bottled, that essence that is envied the world over. A certain noblesse of bearing and presence that goes beyond the external dressing. Here are the final touches to the prelude, the slipping on of finest leather shoes, the delicate paleness of hands encased in soft leather gloves. Nothing is ostentatious just unashamedly chic in its simplicity.  To step out, well heeled onto her city streets, infused with history and greatness, Bleu Imperial lends an air of assurance, a head held high confidence from every pore.

Paris Streets Unsplash 

Heads turn catching the scented aura that envelops, a trio of Bergamot, Mandarin and Neroli, laced up with an intoxicating tuberose, feminine and graceful. Jasmin and iris in a powdery floral infusion, sensual yet understated 1940’s glamour updated. All eyes are diverted as the restaurant doors swing closed behind her, she commands their attention in silence, her very essence diluted throughout the room. There is no question of turning away, every gesture, every gentle laugh sends ripples of her scent into each person’s sphere.  As the evening drifts into the velveteen night, wafts of textured refinement are carried by a softly contoured Patchouli in its most delicate guise, a surprising development as it can often be so dominant, but in this incarnation, it flows in undulations of graceful waves. Tenderly paired with a Sandalwood that adds texture and depth within its folds like an haute couture garment, silken and perfectly formed. Graceful curves are written into every nuance of this perfume, Paris is invigorated by her personage as she breathes scent into every step through the thoroughfares, every building sighs in recognition as she passes, every tree leans in her direction and the ripples of the Seine’s flow exhale her name.  As entrancing as that breath of Parisian midnight air, as step in step, arm in arm they stroll the riverbank home. Timeless, elegant and eternal, women and men of style have always found their place within her streets. Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023 is liquid distilled Paris in all her eternal magnificence. The rebirth of a sophisticated classic refined with polished modern edges, completely at ease in this time.

Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023

Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023– Danu Seith-Fyr©

Cherigan has committed to present this Limited Edition (numbered 1000 bottles only) in the best and truest version of the original, utilizing French expertise to manufacture the exquisite royal blue boxes, enclosed inside is a beautiful hand cut 30ml glass bottle with faceted glass stopper, used to apply the perfume directly on the skin in classic style. The perfume is contained in an aluminum vial to be placed in the bottle when you are ready, a unique code is also enclosed use for refills at a later date. True artistry and the luxury of a great era in French perfumery.

Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023 has encapsulated not only an era of great style and society but reinvigorated it with a modernized chic that is undeniably French. I have written here with ‘she/her’, yet Bleu Imperial sits just as elegantly on masculine skin as feminine. Here are whispers from another time, beautifully attired in the 21st century.  If you have ever aspired to be just a tad bit French, here is the answer.

All credit to the passion, creativity and foresight of Luc and Sophie Gabriel, something of note and longevity is restored.

The entire Cherigan Paris Collection is formulated as Extrait de Parfums to reflect the brands origins. The new edition of Bleu Imperial complies with all current IFRA regulations.

Notes: Neroli, Bergamot -Italy and Mandarin Orange; Olibanum, Leather Notes, Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac and Orris; Carrot from France, Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood- Sri Lanka

My sample and full Limited-Edition bottle of Cherigan  Bleu Imperial (No. 72) were purchased by me for my collection. My thanks to Luc and Sophie for all their assistance with historical details.  My words are my own.

Danu Seith-Fyr, Contributor

Cherigan Bleu Imperial Limited Edition

Sample of Cherigan  Bleu Imperial – Limited Edition photo by Danu

Thanks to the generosity of Founder Luc Gabriel, we have a 2ml sample of Cherigan Bleu Imperial 2023 for a registered reader in the EU or USA. You must register or your entry will not count. To be eligible, please leave a comment saying what sparks your interest based on Danu’s review of Bleu Imperial and where you live. Draw closes 1/17/2024

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