Fabulous Pig Jewelry!

The year of the pig. Or more precise; the Earth Pig has started this month for the Chinese. We all love pigs for many reasons! And so do the most whimsical of jewelry designers. Let’s see some stunning pig jewelry!

Pigs are so much part of our lives. Perhaps more than we realize. Many of the daily-used products contain some sort of pig ingredient because our beloved piggy turns out to be the most kept domestic farm animal in the world. Whether you are a fierce vegetarian adoring the smart and fierce pig, or you love your bacon just too much, the pig is -without a doubt- one of the most important animals for us today. (and we should treat them a whole lot better)

CHINESE Calendar: 2019 year of the earth pig

The reason we see much more of the pig in fashion and jewelry is that 2019 is the year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac. The pig is called the 12th or last animal in the cycle of the animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac calendar.



Why? According to the myth, the Jade Emperor called a great meeting and the pig was the last one to arrive. But wait, there is, as always another version of the story: Buddha also called upon the creatures to come and gather, before he left planet Earth. Guess who was the last to arrive in that version? Yes, that would be our pig again. 🙂  People treasure symbolism and the pig stands for tolerant, understanding, passionate, truthful, sensual, kind, sympathetic, and lover of good food. So there is that.

Jewellerytheatre Pig

Jewellery Theatre

P.S. Did you know that we have found a connection between humans and pigs, where humans already seemed to have some sort of managed control over pigs, dating back to around 12.000 years ago? Pigs were domesticated around 7.000 to 5.000 years ago and have never stopped being important to us.

Chopard Jewelry Pig Necklace Pink


Pigs and religion

You may have heard that Muslims and Jews both regard the pig as taboo dictated by their dietary laws; Halal and Kashrut. The reason? It’s not always clear where something comes from. It might be a much more practical reason lying underneath a whole story, but the cloven hoof keeps coming back. A cloven hoof reminds some people and religions of the devil himself, others feel that a pig would only be offered to God and therefore off limit to men.


Cufflinks with pigs, created by the English cufflink brand: Deakin and Francis

The pig was also the totem or mascot of the Epicureans, a philosophical school of thoughts. Pigs have also been a favorite to the cruel practice of sacrificing throughout history, from the ancient Romans and Greeks to the Haitian Voduo. Myths, practical reasons and culture have shaped our view on this beautiful creature.

Les Nereides

Whilmsical Fashion Jewelry: Les Nereides

Pearls and swine

We even have a saying that regards pigs and jewelry! Again from a religious book; the bible. Casting pearls before swine- meaning giving something valuable or helpful to someone who won’t appreciate it.

De Grisogono Crazymalls Jewelry Pig pendant

Mischievious creatures by de Grisogono


Jaquet Droz

I love pigs!

Personally, I love pigs! There is a whole variety of breeds of these animals ( I always loved to read books about different breeds of any animal) and the pig is a sensitive, smart and very fierce survivor. One of my absolute favorites is the red river hog (East-and West Africa)that I first saw here in the Zoo ( living 5 min. from one of the Dutch most famous Zoo’s). Pigs or hogs thrive in the wild and as we at home have veterinarian clinics, I also know how many dogs end up wounded in Spring after an encounter with a mother hog.

Faberge Pig egg necklace Pendant jewelry

Fabergé egg pendant containing a piglet. Surprise!

Lydia Courteille Pig Jewelry

Lydia Courteille created a whole set of farm animals in jewelry. Love this pig!

Piglets are among the cutest of baby animals and it’s, by all means, a disgrace how we keep the domestic ones in cages where they can hardly move and all they do is get as big as possible whilst producing as much offspring as possible. A moral word from your jewelry blogger: Eat less meat, ask for free-range if possible and thank it in your mind whilst eating it.

Back to jewelry and oh; watches!

I have a little brooch somewhere of a pig with suckling piglets. Found at some antique fair. It’s fashion jewelry and it came at a very low price, but I loved it right away and have worn it on my coat for years. What about you? Would you consider wearing a pig? On a ring? Or a necklace? Would that have to be something in porcelain or nonprecious metal? Or would you be the one considering a pig on a more precious piece of jewelry? Or on your cufflinks?

Harry Winston Pig jewelry

The red, the pig…Harry Winston’s pig watch has a very Chinese look and feel

Piaget Pig Watch

Piaget, adorable pig watch

One thing is sure, designers, especially those in the high- end jewelry segment have never been shy to create fabulous, endearing, whimsical pieces of jewelry showing our treasured piggy! And nor have the great precious watch companies. You would be amazed to see what they have created. If they dare to invest and create it…….then there must be a market. So don’t be shy…choose a piggy next time! 😉

Solange Azagury Partridge Pig Ring

Fun ring in gold by Solange Azagury-Partridge

Sari Limatta Pig jewelry

A unique piece of jewelry. All kinds of materials were used! Created by Sari Limatta

Chopard, Jaquet Droz, Lydia courteille and many more

From Chopard to Jaquet Droz, from Piaget to Solange Azagury_Partridge and many more….! Hope you enjoyed the story and the jewelry.

Of course, do let me know what you think? What do you love about pigs? What do you think of them as pets and would you wear a watch or jewelry item with a pig in or on it? Oink and thanks once more for visiting my blog 🙂

Esther XOXO

VacheronConstatinPig Watch

Vacheron Constantin

TessaPackardMrPig chineseyearJewelry

Earrings by Tessa Packard


Roberto Coin in white gold and sapphires

Retrouvai Flying Pig Yellow Goldjewelryring

A golden signet ring with a flying pig; Retrouvai


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