Beach Geeza Monkey’s Blood

Beach Geeza Monkey’s Blood and Ryan Hunts for ÇaFleureBon©

 Last week, Steven and I co-curated our Halloween video and chose yummy scented treats. Today we bring you a more mysterious, spooky scent with sweet touches- Beach Geeza Monkey’s Blood (bring on the blood orange and dark cherry).

Perfumer Ryan Hunts told me “The original idea in creating Monkey’s Blood was to do a scent that harkened back to the adventure movies of the 1980’ (like Indiana Jones Raider’s of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom) but as I began working on the fragrance it became much more than that. Two of the women who work for me really got into the spirit of the project and helped me with the creative direction of the notes which became something that anyone can wear yet also be appreciated by niche lovers and fragrance collectors alike. With materials like Nagarmotha from New Guinea and Dark Indonesian Patchouli Monkey’s Blood has a macabre essence to it that’s perfect for the Halloween season.  And I was “dead” set on getting Blood Orange and Dark Cherry into the top, it just seemed appropriate to include those two sweet, red smelling notes. Monkey’s Blood is one of those projects that was done for the sheer fun of it, no pressure, we just had a entertaining concept to monkey around with and it ended up smelling extraordinary. That is the Beach Geeza way”

Ryan Hunts in conversation with Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Notes: Top: Blood Orange, Dark Cherry; Heart: Saffron, Cider, Nagarmotha*, Spice; Base: Dark Patchouli, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

Editor’s Note: Nagarmotha has a dark vetiver/patchouli aroma that is earthy, smoky, and sweet.

Video Editor Steven Gavrielatos aka Redolessence reviews Beach Geeza Monkey’s Blood

Beach Geeza Monkey’s Blood by Ryan Hunts

Thanks to Beach Geeza there is a 50 ml bottle of the limited batch Monkey’s Blood EDP in the USA and Canada. To enter the draw, YOU MUST BE A ÇaFleureBon registered reader and Redolessence Subscriber. Please leave a comment saying what sparks your interest based on STEVEN’S REVIEW OF BEACH GEEZA MONKEY’S BLOOD AND RYAN HUNTS’ INTRODUCTION and where you live. Draw closes October 23, 2024. Winner is announced within 10 days after.

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