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Research shows that 30% of diamond jewelry is being bought by women for themselves. This shows that women are the future of the jewelry industry.

More and more women are starting to treat themselves to high-quality jewelry. This includes buying pendant necklaces and other unique pieces to change up your look.

If you want to stay up-to-date, you may be wondering what style of necklace to buy. After all, there is an abundance of pendant necklace options to choose from.

Keep reading to find out what pendant necklaces are in style right now.

One of the most popular pendant necklace options is a locket necklace. These are beautiful and functional with a nostalgic feel to them.

These necklaces are romantic and create a stunning feature in any outfit. You can choose more unique styles or simplistic lockets for everyday wear.

This is the perfect option if you want something that looks more traditional. You can find lockets in a variety of metals to complement your other jewelry pieces.


Another popular option is Rose gold necklaces. Rose gold became very popular many years ago and has continued to be in style.

This is a beautiful rosy gold color that complements most women. It is especially beautiful when paired with deep greens or white.

If you want a warm pendant necklace, this is the best option. It is a little less traditional than gold but still produces a similar effect.

Rose gold is also easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

Turquoise Teardrop Pendant With Swirl Detail

Pendant necklaces also provide the opportunity to enjoy different stones. Women have continued to be attracted to stone jewelry.

This is a great option for anyone since there are a variety of stones available. You can get a pendant necklace that has your birthstone as the centerpiece.

Some other popular options include Rose quartz, rainbow stone, and chakra crystal. These are stunning stone necklaces that immediately catch the eye.

This gives you more room to enjoy your personal style, depending on the stone you choose. You can also choose stones that have meaning to you and your life.


Roma Designer Jewelry has some of the best chain necklaces available. These are very simple necklaces that can be turned into pendant necklaces if you choose.

Some people enjoy the simplicity of a beautiful chain necklace. These are fine and are the perfect option for creating a layered effect.

But you can also buy a necklace pendant to attach to these chain necklaces. You have many necklace pendants to choose from including popular initial pendants.

Some other popular options include Roman glass or tree of life pendants. This gives you more room to customize the jewelry you are wearing, depending on the situation.

You can buy a single necklace chain with several pendants. Then you can mix and match as you see fit to complement your outfit.

You also have the option of gold pendant necklace chains or minimal silver color. You can also choose rose gold for a warmer option that is a bit more modern.

Alessia Double Paperclip Necklace (Gold)

A popular option that many choose regarding pendant necklaces is cluster pendants. These are necklaces that have a simple chain and pendant structure.

The only difference is that you are not limited to just one pendant. These necklaces have 3 to 5 different pendants hanging together.

This creates a better statement necklace that steals the show. You can choose bulky or simple pendants that are complementary to each other.

This is a great way to mix up your style and include more elements. You can rely on these necklaces if you tend to keep your other accessories minimal.

2.00 Carat Brilliant CZ Solitaire Pendant In Gold Overlay

One popular necklace that will never go out of style is a diamond pendant necklace. These necklaces are timeless and give you the ultimate look of sophistication.

Diamonds are the perfect option for anyone who wants a high-quality look. These immediately catch the eye and make your jewelry look high-quality.

These also make the perfect pendant necklaces since the diamond itself is highlighted. These are usually made with a thin chain with a diamond at the center.

You can enjoy these necklaces at any time of the day since they are so versatile. They can be dressed up or down to match your different outfits.

Hera 4mm Herringbone Necklace (Gold)

A timeless option when it comes to pendant necklaces is gold. Gold is one of the top jewelry materials that the majority of people gravitate to.

This has an elegant and high-quality look that elevates any outfit. You can find a variety of pendant necklace options with gold chains and gold pendants.

These necklaces can often be mixed with other metals and gold accessories.

Antique Hammered Cross Charm Pendant (Silver)

Now that you know what pendant necklaces you have to choose from, how do you style them? This is a common question that women may have if this is new to them.

The good news is that pendant necklaces are very easy to style. These necklaces are usually quite simple and go well with a variety of outfits and other accessories.

This makes them a user-friendly option for women unfamiliar with jewelry. Pendant necklaces are also a great way to add more variety to your wardrobe.

If you feel that your accessories are falling flat, you can treat yourself to one of these options. Here are some ways you can enjoy wearing pendant necklaces daily.

Layer Affect

The most common way to wear pendant necklaces is in a layered way. Pendant necklaces are quite simple since they are usually made mostly of a simple chain.

The star of the show is the pendant that will usually be hanging at the very center of the chain. This leaves plenty of room for layering other necklace options.

Many women may layer 2 to 3 different pendant necklaces that go well together. This creates a beautiful effect that is a bit more sophisticated and adventurous.

Or you could choose to layer other minimal chain necklaces with this necklace. These chain necklaces are usually shorter, sitting close to your neck and collarbone.

Layering necklaces almost creates a waterfall effect. This is a beautiful look that is perfect for work or evening activities.

This also allows you to mix medals and different styles. You can enjoy wearing your favorite necklaces at the same time to get the most wear out of them.

Match Necklines

When you are wearing necklaces, it is important to match the neckline. This is something that many women may fail to do if they are not familiar with how to style these pieces.

For the most part, pendant necklaces go well with V necklines. You can adjust the type of pendant necklace you wear depending on the depth of the neckline.

This works because pendant necklaces usually hang low. This elongates your neckline as well as your neck, giving you an elegant appearance.

Although, pendant necklaces also go very well with a boat or collared neckline. They can also create a stunning feature of turtlenecks.

Sweetheart necklines also look good with shorter pendant necklaces. It will often depend on the style of the clothing you are wearing and the style of the necklace.

It also depends on the particular look you are going for. Some combinations are more elegant, while others are ideal for a workday or running errands.

Buy Pairs

A very useful tip is to buy a pendant necklace in a pair. You can often find pendant necklace pairs that are easy to style and mix and match.

These necklaces can be worn together in a layered effect without having to think about it. This is perfect if you struggle to combine jewelry elegantly.

Matching sets also create a more cohesive look if you don’t have other similar pieces. This can give you more variety and help you to understand your style better.

If you are interested in pendant necklaces, you may not know where to start. There are a variety of pendant necklace options that are perfect for different styles and tastes.

Some of the most popular pendant necklaces include gold necklaces and locket necklaces. These are beautiful and timeless, perfect for anyone who is on the go and doesn’t have much time.

Are you interested in buying high-quality necklace options to add to your collection? Contact us today at Roma Designer Jewelry for pendant necklace options.

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