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A lemming for fans of Serge Lutens L’Orpheline: a new limited edition collector bottle. “An elegant puppeteer seems to be pulling the strings of a delicate and ethereal ballerina. The destiny of the graceful young girl – suspended precariously mid-air – lies between the spidery fingers of this tall, slender dandy, doomed as she is to her inevitable fate! And yet, is it so clear which one of the two is the executioner and which one the hapless victim? Looking closer, isn’t she also pulling the strings on her end, imperceptibly guiding the movements of the puppeteer’s emaciated fingers? L’orpheline, the fascinating incarnation of all our illusions! When reality surfaces from behind appearances, when all our certainties begin to come undone, she evaporates in a mysterious and perplexing cloud of incense.” $185 for 50 ml at Serge Lutens.

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