The daily lemming

One of these days I will break down and buy a Loewe candle, but which? I want beetroot, I want incense, I want orange blossom. The latest, Roasted Hazelnut: “The ‘Roasted Hazelnut’ scented candle has an extra-high-intensity fragrance with a woody, nutty aroma evocative of the unique fragrance of roasted hazelnuts: a culinary delicacy with a distinctively rich flavour often used in desserts and confectionary. Its deep, spicy and smoky aspects unfold to reveal sweet notes of brown sugar over time. Crafted in natural wax with a single cotton wick, the candle is presented in a black glazed terracotta vessel with a stamped base.” The 170g is $120 (or 610g for $245; 2120g for $495). The matching 150 ml room spray is $135, and there’s also a new Mushroom home fragrance.

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