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In case you have plenty of extra cash lying about this holiday, just screaming for a purpose, here’s the D-Air diffuser from Dior: “Born from a collaboration between the excellence of La Collection Privée Christian Dior’s savoir-faire and the technological expertise of the French brand Compoz Paris, the D-Air fragrance diffuser is a singular object, a genuine manifesto of beauty with a pure and contrasting design. Intuitive to use, it features a simple refill system, a one-touch start, and an ajustable diffusion time. This exceptional piece works with capsules that diffuse the olfactory notes of Thé Osmanthus, Ambre Nuit, Oud Supreme, Jardin d’Orangers and Figue Méditerranée.” $2900. I think it includes the 5 fragrance capsules but I’m not sure and hey, what’s the difference. Refill capsules are $95 each or $475 for the set of 5.

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