Sniffapalooza Fragrance Events Fall Ball 2023

                                     Team Karen: Karen Adams of Sniffapalooza, Hernando’s badge, and Mulberry Street

For Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023,  on October 21st, the prediction of rainy weather was a concern. With ten stores to visit and shop at and lunch, the rain can be a downer. Fortunately, it held off, and our group of 65 fragrance aficionados was able to make our way around scent alley.”

Much has stabilized on Elizabeth Street since the pandemic decimated many of the retail boutiques. The ‘scent trek’ has risen back up to ten stores.

Malin + Goetz Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Malin + Goetz at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Beginning at 10 am, with an open house-style drop-in, our first stop was Malin + Goetz which hosted us for a light breakfast. The attentive staff presented an extensive collection of skin, hair, and body products, and hot at the moment, the new Strawberry eau du parfum and candle. It’s their reimagined interpretation of the common garden strawberry – deconstructed and unexpected.


LE LABO Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Le Labo’s Flagship boutique went through a renovation earlier this year and the better to showcase their quintessential fragrance and candle collections. Ancillary products like laundry wash, Body-Hair-Face, and Men’s Grooming Collections are equal to the task. A must-stop for the group.

Ryan Hunts of Beach Geeza and Scent Bar NYC store manager, Vijay Uttam Sniffapalooza fall ball 2023

Ryan Hunts of Beach Geeza and Scent Bar NYC store manager, Vijay Uttam 

The one and only ScentBar fulfills a fragrance lover’s every desire. Fragrance specialist and store manager, Vijay Uttam and his knowledgeable staff greeted us warmly. The assortment of top-notch selection of independent niche brands is most impressive. Recent releases that got attention include Fragrance Du Bois Voyage A Paris, Creed Carmina, Ex Nihilo Blue Talisman, and Giardini di Toscana Christos & Borabora to name a few.

Korres is one of Greece’s iconic beauty brands. They have been producing skincare since 1996. Known internationally for its all-natural line of cosmetics and grooming products, the seed-to-skin brand focuses on clean, ingredient-first Greek beauty formulations. Everything is sourced exclusively from Greece, supporting Greek farmers. Korres is certified by Peta.

Retail Manager, Shannah Pryatel The Naxos Apothecary

Retail Manager, Shannah Pryatel with Sniffapalooza fragrance shoppers The Naxos Apothecary

The Naxos Apothecary is the sister boutique to Korres. The luxury natural fragrance and personal care brand evokes the history, culture, heritage, and endemic flora of the Aegean Island of Naxos. Combined with scientific expertise in phyto-therapy, this sophisticated apothecary offers personalized herbal cosmetic remedies as well as soulful storytelling through fragrances and candles.

Olfactory NYC Soho Boutique

Olfactory NYC Soho Boutique Fall Ball 2023 

On Mott Street is Olfactory NYC. The attraction here is to younger-skewing scent base in part due to the fragrances created by a number of fragrance’s top perfumers at a fraction of the cost. The guided customization and personalization program allows each scent to be styled to one’s specifications and bottled on-site, which ensures a freshly made creation every time.

Mizensir Soho Boutique

Mizensir Soho Boutique Fall Ball 2023 

A recent addition to the neighborhood on Prince Street is Mizensir, a new boutique that features the splendid creations of Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. General Manager, Jennifer DiCesare was available to present the extensive and impressive collections of fragrances and candles. Blue Gin was a fave with notes of Mandarin Orange, Juniper Berries, and Tonka Bean.

Diptyque‘s NYC flagship boutique on Prince Street staff showcased the Holiday Edition L’Eau Papier eau de toilette (White Musk, Mimosa, Blonde Woods Accord) penned by Fabrice Pellegrin along with the wonderful holiday Classic Candle Collection with Gold Lids and sampler sets.

D.S. & Durga Mulberry Street

D.S. & Durga Mulberry Street Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

 Husband-and-wife team David (D.S.) and Kavi (Durga) of D.S. & Durga intertwine their passion for music, art, travel, and design in their brand. The scents, candles, and the design of their uber-hip store reflect their ethos. Recent releases Deep Dark Vanilla, Steamed Rainbow, the limited edition Salem Gothic, and Award Winning Pistachio highlight the depth of their imagination. The Candle Collection is also a big draw. D.S.& Durga opened a Venice, CA boutique earlier this year.

 Sniffapalooza fall Ball 2023

TRUDON Soho Boutique Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Trudon, having dropped the Cire has re-opened now on Spring Street much to our delight. The well-appointed boutique is stunning and the wonderful staff make it a pleasure to shop here. Founded in 1643, Trudon is the world’s oldest candle manufacturer. They still produce their hand-crafted masterpieces at their atelier in Normandy. A must-visit!

Lunch at Little Italy’s La Mela is a five-course affair paired with a line-up of seven speakers. Much ado about everything!

Lunch Presentations:

Nateeva fragrances, Beach Geeza Fragrances and Euphorium Brooklyn at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Jay McSherry, Co-Founder of Nateeva Fragrances, Ryan Hunts, Perfumer/Founder of Beach Geeza and Stephen Dirkes – Perfumer/Founder of Euphorium   Brooklyn

Co-founders Jay McSherry & Hope Freeman love exotic travel and the islands are their second home. The fragrances are inspired by the native flowers of each of these locations. Jay presented St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the latest creation of the Nateeva Collection. Notes of Night Blooming Jasmine, crisp mandarin, and cool coconut water. Enhanced with plumeria, orange flowers, and violet leaves, this new creation lives in a cloud of extravagance. A favorite of our Grenada scent trip.

Ryan Hunts, Perfumer and founder of Beach Geeza presented his latest creation, Monkey’s Blood (bring on the blood orange and dark cherry). With materials like Nagarmotha from New Guinea and Dark Indonesian Patchouli Monkey’s Blood has a macabre essence to it that’s perfect for the Halloween season. His Bay rum was one of the favorites from the Sniffapalooza Grenda excursion.

Stephen Dirkes launched his new fragrance, Bay Rum as part of his Caribbean perfumery offerings, “Euphorium West Indies”. Having just returned from his 6th SCENTS OF GRENADA fragrance festival with a Sniffapalooza group, where he had pairings, tastings, cocktails, workshops, distillations, tours, dinners, and teas all related to BAY RUM. Botanicals found in BAY RUM are mostly grown, harvested, and distilled, in the Caribbean.

Best Ormonde Jayne perfumes

Ormonde Jayne table display Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Travis Lund North America Sales Executive of Ormonde Jayne presented us with an overview of the recent developments at the British brand. and the most recent collection, the Limited Montblanc series. The brand has updated the bottles which feature their trademark 8-sided shape with newly designed shoulders, holding 88mls. Using high-grade glass and increased lead content, the bottles are polished to a crystal finish.

It’s always captivating to listen to Amy Marks Mcgee of Trendincite present her look into upcoming trends. With the assistance of her family, she highlighted what to look for in Luxe Laundry Scents, Menopause Beauty, Refillable and Sustainable in Beauty and Fragrance, and Tasty Tacos. The Trenincite newsletter is a trove of superb information for those who want to be in the know. Don’t be left behind.

Carriere Freres table display Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Nils Beeman, Sales & Marketing Manager for Carriere Freres explained the brand’s history dating back to 1884 to the present. Part of the succession line of The Royal Wax Factory, today known as Trudon they manufacture in the Trudon factory in Normandy. The candles are all handcrafted and come in a range of singular scents inspired by exotic or indigenous oils. The brand has a close association with the National Museum of Natural History and highlights one of their mutual values: the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity.

Mind Games perfumes

David Ecker Presenting Mind Games

David Ecker presented Mind Games a niche, unisex fragrance collection inspired by chess that launched in 2022. The luxury fragrances are precisely calculated by master perfumers who value the heat of the play above neutrality. Partnering with niche fragrance house Symrise, creators Alex (founder and CEO of The Fragrance Group) and Mariana Shalbaf  collaborate with perfumers such as David Apel, Alexandra Carlin, Annick Menardo, and Nathalie Benareau to name a few.

Karen Adams and Karen Dubin of Sniffapalooza

Team Karen Karen Adams and Karen Dubin of Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023

Thank you, Team Karen (Karen Dubin and Karen Adams) for a scentually wonderful Fall Ball 2023 to remember. Looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Fling 2024!

~Hernando Courtright, Senior Events Contributor and New York City Brand Ambassador

All Photos by Hernando of ÇaFleureBon unless otherwise stated

Best indie and niche perfumes at Sniffapalooza Fall ball 2023

Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2023 Gift Bag

We have a fragrance-filled Sniffapalooza swag bag filled with dozens of samples from the Fall Ball brands and presenters, ScentBar, Diptyque, D.S.& Durga, Euphorium Brooklyn, Korres, Mizensir, Trudon, Le Labo, Mind Games, Beach Geeza, and Nateeva Fragrances.

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