SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show

I attended SHOPPE OBJECT New York the home and gift show that takes place biannually on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, on February 5th. I spent close to five hours meeting and speaking with some new and familiar brands.  The show ran from February 4-6th. This is my third time attending and first time writing it up. The SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show expanded its footprint across two locations, the Skylight at Essex Crossing and Pier 36. The layout is well thought out. The Show debuted in New York in 2018 with 100 brands. Since then, the show has grown to host over 500+ brands. The SHOPPE OBJECT show runs simultaneously with NY NOW. I get asked, how do they compare? I would say that NY NOW is buttoned up, and SHOPPE OBJECT is buttoned down. Similar but sets a different vibe.

Trends that have continued since the pandemic are the ongoing presence of impressively high-quality passionate Female-Owned brands with many that launched during the pandemic with a focus specifically on Women’s Wellness, Divinities, Healing, and Spirituality with many incorporating CBD. With so many still working from home, scenting one’s home environment has increased with the soothing scent of candles and diffusers as a driving force.

Co-Founders Ingrid Nilsen and Erica Anderson of The New Savant Shoppe Object New York Winter Show 2024

 Co-Founders Ingrid Nilsen and Erica Anderson of The New Savant

Ingrid Nilsen and Erica Anderson created the Brooklyn-based candle studio The New Savant in 2020. Their mission is to reshape the world of fragrance by creating expansive scent stories across all cultural identities. Ingrid Nilsen, co-founder, is a modern nose, developing new scents and bringing them to life with perfumers at Givaudan. Working with a women-led team they created custom-made, premium fragrance oils that are vegan, paraben, and phthalate-free.

NOPARLERA refused two deals on Shark Tank


NOPALERA was founded by CEO Sandra Velasquez, to elevate and celebrate Latin Culture with products that are inspired by the beauty and richness of Mexico. The bath and body collection is powered by Mexico’s Nopal cactus. The nopal cactus, an ancient symbol of Mexican culture, is also one of the most sustainable, nourishing, and resilient crops in the world. You can eat it, make textiles from it, and use it to hydrate your skin and hair. If you follow Shark Tank maybe you saw the 2023 Episode with Sandra pitching her brand last year (and valuing her brand; refusing two low ball offers from Kevin O’Leary and guest shark Daniel Lubetsky, adds Michelyn who saw the episode 12).

Julie Maskula, founder of Brooklyn, NY Anecdote Candles SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show

 Julie Maskula, founder of Brooklyn, NY Anecdote Candles

Julie Maskula, founder of Brooklyn, NY Anecdote Candles is hand-poured coconut-soy wax candles designed to be a conversation piece and inspire personal memories. Using a custom coconut-soy wax blend to create a clean burn and powerful scent throw, the fragrances are phthalate-free and adhere to strict IFRA standards. Using materials sourced from domestic suppliers they work with East Coast-based suppliers whenever possible to reduce their carbon footprint.

Histoires de Parfums THIS IS NOT A BLUE BOTTLE COLLECTION No 1.7 by Julien Rasquinet

 Histoires de Parfums THIS IS NOT A BLUE BOTTLE COLLECTION No. 1/.7 at SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show 

Gérald Ghislain founded the French fragrance house Histoires de Parfums in 2000, (with 2001’s 1969 a bestseller). They are composed by noted perfumers including Luca Maffei, Fanny Bal, Julien Rasquinet, and Magali Senequier. Gérald debuted the 1/.7 from the THIS IS NOT A BLUE BOTTLE COLLECTION. The fresh scent composed by Julien Rasquinet has notes of coconut rose, sandalwood and white musk.

Gérald Ghislain Histoires de Parfums and Olibanum SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show

 Gérald Ghislain is the creative force behind Histoires de Parfums and Olibanum

Olibanum is a perfume line that was launched in 2018 by Gérald Ghislain. “I wanted to create a brand without telling stories, focused on a sole raw material, with a reasonable ecological impact. I’ve been told I was crazy. It made me want to do it.” 

Olibanum has chosen a rare resin, more precious than gold, at the very origin of the perfume, to express its creativity and uniqueness. SIMPLE – As the signature scent of the Olibanum collection, the olibanum essence is associated in each creation with an emblematic raw material. CONSCIOUS – Olibanum is intent on minimizing its environmental impact. COMMITTED – Gérald Ghislain wants  Olibanum wants to be involved in developmental aid. Stripping away perfume to discover its fundamental dimension and its pure and accessible creations is the very essence of Olibanum.

Paul Smith Home Fragrance Collection of Candles and Diffusers

 Paul Smith Home Fragrance Collection of Candles and Diffusers

Paul Smith has just launched the inaugural home fragrance collection following the introduction of Paul Smith Home earlier in the year. Inspired by some of Paul’s most treasured memories and harnessing the designer’s love of color and bold design, the set includes a series of collectible, reusable candles and diffusers. Four scents are included in the collection, each based on a series of Paul’s most evocative memories and offering an olfactory journey into the designer’s world.

Vancouver-based, female-owned company Nala Care was founded by a mother-daughter duo that creates innovative body care free from any known carcinogens. Their mission is to enable radical self-knowing, self-advocacy, and self-love as a means to care for your loved ones and your communities. Their products are made with the highest quality natural, organic, and scientifically validated ingredients designed to be safe for your most sensitive areas. Leaping Bunny Certified.

Qhue Founder Quentin Hernandez at Shoppe Object New York show 2024

 Qhue Founder Quentin Hernandez

Qhue is a sleek and minimalist collection of sophisticated fragrances developed and created in 2018 by the self-taught Perfumer Quentin Hernandez. The fragrances come in the form of candles, fragrances, diffusers, and fragrance oils – all made in exclusive scents. Clean and modern with a luxurious minimalistic vibe that speaks to both women and men who appreciate a sophisticated aesthetic. Their fragrances are housed in sleek cement vessels with long-lasting scents.

ATUM Fine Fragrance

 ATUM Fine Fragrance

A story told by scent. Founded in 2021 by Kristin Scott of Spitfire Girl, an Austin, Texas-based fine artist, and painter turned perfumer who approaches fragrance the same way she does art, infusing layer and composition through the use of unexpected elements until her vision comes alive. The ATUM Fine Fragrance collection encompasses eight scents: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Wanted, Love Always, Wild Tobacco, and Hippie Water.

Bohéme Fragrances

Bohéme Fragrances

Bohéme Fragrances was founded by Sadaf Kherani, as a clean-burning, vegan, non-toxic candle and fragrance brand inspired by the modern woman — adventurous, spirited, and always true to herself. “Bohème isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement, a philosophy, a dance of fragrances that resonates with the very essence of life and womanhood where every scent has a soul, and every soul has a story“.

Founded in 2014, Boulder, CO.’s FORIA is a lifestyle brand on a mission to support pleasure and sexual well-being. Their all-natural, organic, and award-winning formulas are sustainably grown. Set out to lead the sexual wellness category with the highest standards for all-natural and organic ingredients, quality, and transparency. The company was the first to develop cannabis and hemp-based personal lubricants. Enhancing libido requires a holistic approach.

Kelly Jones of Kelly + Jones SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show

 Kelly Jones of Kelly + Jones

Kelly Jones of Kelly + Jones worked in fragrance in New York City and Paris for over ten years, learning how to source ingredients that are at once clean and sustainable. Her formulas are non-toxic, free of phthalates and parabens, and never tested on animals. Kelly Jones launched her inaugural Notes of Wine Collection in 2012. In 2018 she created a Mezcal Collection and has released three new vintages of the original (and flagship) Wine Pairings Collection. She relocated to Detroit, MI, where she has been on a creative scent tear. Kelly partners with winemakers and mezcaleros, creating essences to pair with the spirit in your glass. A portion of every Eau de Mezcal sale goes to Programa Vaca, an organization in Mexico that helps rural communities learn to build with local, sustainable materials.

P.F. Candle Co. Archive Collection at the Shoppe Object New York Winter Show 2024

P.F. Candle Co. Archive Collection

Los Angeles home fragrance company P.F. Candle Co., owned and operated by Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger, believes that fragrance is an extension of home design, and creates high-quality products with accessible price points in mind. From a one-woman operation in 2008, it’s now an entire team designing and producing its collection in Southern California. They just launched the Archive Collection, three scents to brighten frigid winter interiors with notes evocative of California destinations and warm western getaways.

Dr. Vranjes home collection

Dr. Vranjes Firenze

Founded by Paolo Vranjes in 1983, Dr. Vranjes Firenze succeeded in encapsulating the elegance of Florence, its tradition of craftsmanship, and the art of perfumery in a bottle, offering a multi-sensory approach to life through scents for the home and for personal beauty. The design of each fragrance bottle, diffuser, and candle is inspired by the iconic Duomo of Florence and is handcrafted in Tuscany. The L’OCCITANE Group announced its acquisition of Italian luxury home fragrance brand Dr. Vranjes Firenze from Bluegem Capital Partners last month.

Pure + Planted is a wholly women-owned and operated business by Alexa Mann who has had a deep relationship with cannabis for most of her life. Nurtured under the Vermont sun and soil, we create small-batch, hemp-infused beauty and wellness products with a beyond-clean, beyond-sustainable, and beyond-efficacious approach. They are a radically different CBD and Sexual Wellness brand that elevates the everyday.

Palermo Body Founder and Formulator Jess Morelli

 Palermo Body Founder and Formulator Jess Morelli

Palermo Body Founder and Formulator Jess Morelli launched the brand in 2015 named the brand after her Nonna Vincenza’s birthplace. Creating each product to both nourish the skin and stimulate the mind, with scents that transport you to southern Italy and create moments for la dolce vita. They make truly natural skincare and relaxation products inspired by our founder’s Sicilian heritage.

It’s nearly impossible to be able to spend time and discover all the quality brands that are presented in one day. Many times the exhibitors are engaged with buyers and it’s not always possible to circle back in some cases, so, I will be back for the next show to discover the rest. One thing is for sure, I always leave inspired and impressed.

The SHOPPE OBJECT NY Summer Market will be held on  AUGUST 4-6, 2024, at Pier 36 and Skylight at Essex Crossing

Hernando Courtright, Senior Event Contributor, and Brand Ambassador.

All photos of SHOPPE OBJECT NY Winter Market  2024 by Hernando Courtright© for ÇaFleureBon unless otherwise credited.

Olibanum perfumes

 Olibanum Discovery Set courtesy of Olibanum

Thanks to the generosity of Olibanum, we have a Discovery Set for SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024. The giveaway is open for one registered reader in the CON USA. Be sure to register or your comment will not count. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Hernando’s SHOPPE OBJECT New York Winter 2024 Show Event Report. What products or trends sparked your interest? Draw closes on 2/24/2024.

ÇaFleureBon has written extensively about Olibanum. Please read  Nicoleta’s brand overview

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