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Plume Impression Royal Bourbon by Amandine Galliano (Robertet) included in my Best of Scent Top Ten Fragrances 2023  is an outstanding creation, whisking us away to a bygone age reminiscent of Victorian elegance This perfume serves as an exquisite ode to high society, a fragrance that unveils its depth like the pages of a classic novel.

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Amidst the flickering glow of a hearth, one can imagine the enigmatic Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, the main protagonist, embodying the essence of this fragrance. His mysterious allure, described in the novel as dark and brooding, finds a parallel in the rich and complex layers of Plume Impression Royal Bourbon.

Amandine Galliano perfumer at Robertet

Amandine Galliano courtesy of the perfumer.

As the fragrance unfolds, it paints a vivid picture of a refined gentleman indulging in the ritual of a cigar dipped into dark rum. The winter ambiance is palpable, with the heat of the perfume reminiscent of comforting spices—ginger and cinnamon. Picture the warmth of a Christmas orange studded with cloves.

The vanillin aspects gracefully meld with a leathery, swarthy quality, adding a touch of elegance and masculinity. The liquorice and black pepper notes introduce a subtle darkness, like shadows cast in the corners of a dimly lit Victorian drawing room.

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Image of a Victorian drawing room, courtesy of Unsplash.

Dressed in impeccably tailored dinner suits, characters in this olfactory narrative gather to discuss the evening’s possibilities. The fragrance weaves itself into the fabric of their conversations, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation. Wafts of smoke curl upward, reminiscent of a cigar’s embrace, as the characters huddle by the fire. The scent permeates the room, an intoxicating blend that lingers like the memories of a well-spent evening. Liquorice and black pepper, with their hint of darkness, contribute to the mysterious allure of the gathering.

Royal Bourbon by Plume

Victorian hearth image, courtesy of Unsplash.

Outside, the winter landscape is bleak, with the wind whipping against the windows and snow illuminating the ground. The night, shrouded in darkness, sets the stage for an intimate gathering in the warmth of a luxurious parlour. Plume Impression Royal Bourbon becomes an immersive experience—an invitation to step into the past and embrace the opulence of Victorian society.

As the evening progresses and the story draws to a close, the hearth becomes the focal point, its glow casting a warm light that contrasts with the pitch-black night outside. The embers, much like the lingering notes of the perfume, gradually fade away, leaving behind a sense of nostalgia for a time when elegance and refinement were paramount. Amandine Galliano’s Plume Impression Royal Bourbon showcases the artistry of perfumery. With its intricate blend of spices, leathery undertones, and dark accents, it captures the essence of a refined era.

Notes: Liquorice, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, rum, tobacco, leather, caramel, vanilla, benzoin, amber, cedarwood.

Disclosure: Bottle gifted, opinions are my own.

-Karl Topham,  UK Ambassador and Senior Editor.

Royal Bourbon Plume Impression perfume

courtesy of the brand

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