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French niche line Parle Moi de Parfum will launch Comète Paradis, a new gourmand fragrance from perfumer Michel Almairac.

Introducing Michel Almairac’s olfactory masterpiece, Comète Paradis. This fragrance transcends boundaries with its exquisite blend of rare ingredients. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Sandalwood Album from New Caledonia, a rich and timeless essence that forms the heart of this aromatic symphony. Tonka Bean, sourced meticulously from Venezuela, contributes a sensual depth, particularly enhancing the luscious coco note that defines Comète Paradis.

Elevating the composition to unprecedented heights is the pièce de résistance – an exclusive Cacao Powder of unparalleled quality, sourced solely from Robertet. This luxurious addition unveils a delectable facet, infusing the fragrance with an irresistible allure. As the scent unfolds, Michel Almairac’s signature musky background emerges, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. Comète Paradis is an ode to opulence, a celestial dance of rare ingredients orchestrated to create an unforgettable olfactory experience that lingers like stardust on the skin.

Parle Moi de Parfum Comète Paradis can be pre-ordered now at First in Fragrance or Essenza Nobile in Germany, in 50 or 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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