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French niche line Parfum d’Empire will launch Ruade, a new unisex oud fragrance, later this month.

Mane, hooves, neighs, gallop, jump… Ruade. A kick from the animal for a perfume that packs a punch. All the fervor of the horse is distilled in this exceptional fragrance, built around a profusion of natural oud, or agarwood.

A perfume-memory of returning to the stables after a weekend of show jumping. A discipline long practiced by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato and one which he conjures here – the adrenalin of competition, the euphoria of going back to the stables…

[…] Narcissus, wild and floral, exalts the indolent character of Ruade, with its mane note and straw-like effects. Cut hay absolute lends its power to the evocation of haystacks, whose trail permeates the air and sends horses into a frenzy. An intrepid perfume with precious materials in overdose, saturated with animality and as rebellious as the equine kick.

[…] “I discovered oud some 30 years ago. At the time, it was a researcher friend of mine – a brilliant analyst of natural raw materials – who sent me a small vial accompanied by his complex analytical file and a handwritten note telling me that he was convinced this terribly animalic note would please me. It did! Years later, I wanted to work this oud into one of my perfumes. I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. But very quickly, it began to be asserted everywhere, and I preferred to put this project, which was close to my heart, to the side. And yet, despite all the hype, we rarely smell oud in its natural state: Western perfumery has appropriated the note with often sticky, sickening reconstitutions, stripping it of its shiny, leathery effects and highly animalistic flight. The nobility of oud reminds me of some of my travel companions: Equistrius, Salomon, Santeano, Harissa, Dingo, Quoachem, Harold, Iris du Ronceray… and so many others. Horses have always been part of my life. By supporting my journey through the darkest days, they have saved me many times.” — Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Parfum d’Empire Ruade can be pre-ordered now, in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(via parfumdempire)

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