Paradis Des Sens Valhalla

Paradis Des Sens Valhalla by Karl.

Composed by Pierre-Constantin Guéros of Symrise, Paradis Des Sens Valhalla offers a dynamic olfactory experience, characterized by its bright, feel-good nature and remarkable performance.

It was at Esxence 2023 where I first encountered the Paradis Des Sens collections of perfumes, and I had a hunch that the brand would prove to be extremely popular with fragrance lovers across the globe. What they do best is utilise likeable scent DNAs and notes which have a commercial appeal whilst adding some addictive and novel ingredients.

At its introduction, Paradis Des Sens Valhalla is a blast of fruity notes. The opening, featuring mandarin, pear, bergamot, and mango, sets a vibrant and uplifting tone, invoking a sense of positivity and vitality. This initial burst of freshness is bracing and engaging. However there is a cloudlike effect from the very start which compliments the fruitiness and makes it a more wearable experience.

tropical fruits courtesy of Unsplash.

A comparison could be made to Sospiro’s Erba Pura, but, in my opinion Paradis Des Sens Valhalla is more refined and is slightly more toned down. The fruits come across more natural and less artificial.

As the fragrance evolves, it transitions into a woody territory, where cedarwood and cashmere add a relaxed, yet addictive feel to the composition. These woody accords ground the fragrance, lending it a sense of stability and balance. It is a nod to the perfumer’s skill in creating a harmonious blend of ingredients that resonate with each other.

Pierre Constantin Gueros perfumer

courtesy of the perfumer

At the base of Valhalla lies vanilla, amber, tonka, and Ambrostar®. Ambrostar®, a proprietary ingredient by Symrise, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the fragrance’s dry and ambery character. The combined effect of these ingredients is a fragrance that exudes confidence and comfort. Valhalla celebrates simplicity and clarity, offering an olfactive experience that delights the senses and uplifts the spirit. It reflects the perfumer’s understanding of what consumer want and should become a popular staple in the brand’s blue collection.

Notes: Mandarin, pear, bergamot, mango, cedarwood, cashmere, vanilla, amber, tonka, and Ambrostar®.

Image of Paradis Des Sens Valhalla courtesy of the brand.

Disclaimer: Bottle of Paradis Des Sens Valhalla kindly supplied by the brand. Opinions are my own.

Karl Topham, Senior Editor and U.K. Brand Ambassador

Michelyn’s Note: In Milan? Visit Paradis Des Sens at Esxence 2024 Stand S-27-29

Valhalla Paradis des Sens

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