Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream

Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream Extrait De Parfum by Olya Bar

Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream is the olfactory equivalent of indulging in an almond croissant that’s just left the oven, its flaky exterior giving way to a warm, buttery core, all while being dipped into exquisite fig milk. This fragrance, created by the renowned perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour with the creative direction of Paulina Schar, is an ode to the gourmand delights that tug at the soul of culinary enthusiasts—a sentiment I wholeheartedly share.

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The opening starts off with the inviting aroma of a patisserie, brimming with the scent of pastries straight from the oven. The fragrance blooms with a soft, creamy sweetness, enriched by the spice of cinnamon, a juicy blast of orange and a refreshing hint of bergamot, setting the stage for a journey into gourmet luxury. A sublime encounter that defines what it means to dine at the pinnacle of gastronomic achievement. The heart of the scent unveils a complex array of flavors: the savory richness of croissant, the gentle sweetness of marshmallows, the opulent creaminess of fig milk, and the subtle nuttiness of toasted almonds, all beautifully complemented by the floral elegance of jasmine, the intensity of the coffee, the soothing warmth of amberwood, and the intriguing allure of orchid flower.

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As you dig deeper into the experience, the flavors deepen. The base notes of this “olfactory dessert” slowly unfold, revealing layers of Madagascan vanilla and tonka bean absolute, which impart a rich, velvety sweetness. Sandalwood, musk, and oakwood absolute provide a woody foundation that is both profound and enduring, adding a powdery, almost ethereal quality that elevates the dish to something truly magical.

Lost In a Dream from Navitus Parfums

Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream Extrait De Parfum by Olya Bar

While much of niche perfumery in my eyes is equivalent to the realm of Michelin-starred dining, where excellence is the standard and innovation the expectation, Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream is equally a representation of a haute cuisine desert and a comforting bite of a croissant with a side of black coffee in your local bakery. It is a sensory dish that, once experienced, becomes an addiction.

Notes: Milk Accord, Orange, Bergamot, Fig Milk, Almonds, Croissant Accord, Coffee, Marshmallow, Jasmine, Orchid Flower, Amberwood, Cinnamon, Tolu Balm, Madagascan Vanilla, Tonka Bean Absolute, Sandalwood, Oakwood Absolute, Musk.

The bottle was kindly gifted to me but opinions are always my own.

Olya Bar, Editor

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Navitus Parfums Lost in a Dream

Navitus Parfums Lost In A Dream Extrait De Parfum by Olya Bar

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