Luckyscent X ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary Discovery Set

Luckyscent X ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary Editors Favorites courtesy of Luckyscent

When I suggested to Franco Wright, co-founder of Luckyscent that the 14 Editors and Contributors at ÇaFleureBon choose a favorite perfume to celebrate our 14th anniversary on March 22, 2024, he agreed and thought it was a fantastic idea. We reviewed over 1500 + fragrances offered by and after collectively smelling thousands of perfumes, each of us had to make a difficult decision. My only request of the editors was that every one of our selections for the Luckyscent X ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary Discovery Set were genderless, spoke to us in an intimate and personal way and that told stories on our skin.

We give you our fourteen olfactive gems, treasures to discover and to enjoy. –Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait Neela Vermeire with Bertrand Duchaufour): Inspired by Nur Jahan (chief consort of Mughal Emperor Jahangir), Mohur Extrait is not a flanker of the original Mohur; it is richer, deeper crowned in a spiced cardamom cloud, then bathed in benzoin and sensual oud. Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait is not just a perfume but an otherworldly experience. The gold standard of rose perfumes –Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Nicolaï Parfumeur Createur Vanille Tonka (Patricia de Nicolaï) was a gateway fragrance for me, composed in 1997: all wispy tendrils of incense wed to a tender spiciness. Baroque without its often-attendant heaviness, it is a perfume which transcends time and space. –Ida Meister, Deputy and Natural Perfume Editor

Rogue Perfumery Chypre Siam: Artisan perfumer Manuel Cross composed an achingly beautiful riff on Coty Chypre with eastward notes of holy basil, ylang, and kaffir lime and a carnal narcissus-jasmine heart. One of the most gorgeous chypres I’ve ever come across. –Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor

CaFleureBon was founded March 22, 2010 by Michelyn Camen, a former media executive and is the number one blog in the world for artistic perfumery

ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary image AI generated bottle by Nicoleta Tomsa

Calaj Delizia Oscura: Calaj Perfumes is an artisanal perfume house founded four years ago in Romania. Delizia Oscura (nose Flavius Calaj) is a delicious violet gourmand, with deep notes of chocolate and coffee with amazing sillage and longevity. –Nicoleta Tomsa, Senior Editor

Masque Milano White Whale (Christian Alori) beckons me, salt and sea, candle’s glow. Melville’s tale brought to life. True to the epic novel, violet and ambergris mix with sea spray. My obsession. –Karl Topham, Senior Editor and U.K. Brand Ambassador

Eau D’Italie by Eau D’Italie, created by Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour is my choice for our Luckyscent x CaFleureBon 14yr Anniversary Sample Pack. This sparkling, seamlessly blended scent captures the seductiveness of the Amalfi Coast, one of the world’s most stunning locations, and at once is both classic and modern.  A summer in Positano in a bottle. –Hernando Courtright, Sr. Event Contributor and New York Brand Ambassador

Vero Profumi Mito Voile d’Extrait (Vero Kern): Vero Kern’s olfactory language emerges from the great perfumery of the past, yet is unmistakably contemporary. Mito Voile d’Extrait is a love letter to Italy and draws inspiration from Villa d’Este gardens in Tivoli blooming in June. Wearing it is surrender to the fierce greenery of galbanum, and the worship of the lavish pureness of champaca. It is spectacular like only nature at dusk can be. –Ermano Picco, Editor

Gritti Mango Aoud: From the very first spritz, Mango Aoud had me hooked. It’s like a magical mix of memories, tastes, and scents, stretching all the way from Mexico to India. Creamy, juicy mango vibes meeting the mysterious, resinous notes of oud, topped off with a dash of fresh, floral guava and a scoop of vanilla. –Olya Bar, Editor.

Naomi Goodsir Corpus Equus (Bertrand Duchaufour) is a deep meditation on the majestic horse, coming together in a fusion of opulent supple leather, primal animalic fur and a subtle rose essence, all enveloped in a mysterious incense smoke. Bertrand Duchaufour has truly crafted a piece of quiet luxury with Corpus Equus. –J, Senior Contributor

Domenico Caraceni 1913, my choice for the Luckyscent x ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary discovery set, is the eponymous fragrant representation of the legendary Italian bespoke tailor shop. As refined as a made-to-measure suit, this composition (newly upgraded from EDT to EDP) is patterned on a spicy rose accord and layered—like folds of fine fabric—with supporting notes of styrax, geranium bourbon, neroli bigarade, tobacco, cypress and frankincense. The ultimate’s gentleman’s fragrance. Magnifico! –Michael Devine, Senior Contributor

Francesca Bianchi The Black Knight was chosen by Contributor Danu-Seith Fyr who was away on business at the time of this writing. The Black Knight is dark, gothic leather and vetiver-centric fragrance inspired by the historical character captain Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere a member of the Medici family.

Sugar Kisses by Lorenzo Pazzaglia is a gourmand fragrance like none other. A lactonic coconut ingredient combines with delicious vanilla and decadent chocolate. An enticing caramel note joins the mix to enhance the deliciousness. This long-lasting composition is addictive and unique. –Steven Gavrielatos, Video Content Contributor

Gallivant Istanbul (Karine Chevallier), my pick for the Luckyscent x ÇaFleureBon 14th Anniversary discovery set is a warm-hearted exploration of cultures where spices and resins meet herbal elegance. The lovely combination of opoponax, cardamom, and geranium draws us to the City of the World’s Desire.-Rachel Ng, Senior Contributor

Essential Parfum The Musc (Calice Becker) is a fresh, clean fragrance that soothes the soul with its enveloping, honey-like tenderness, surrounding you in a cloud of comfort regardless of the time of year. –Sandi Lundberg, Contributor

On behalf of the entire ÇaFleureBon team, our contributors, editors, ( past and present), our readers, viewers and the fragrance community we are grateful for your continuing support and for your love of the art of perfumery.

Quantities of the Luckyscent X CaFleureBon 14th Anniversary Discovery Set are limited and include all 14 samples of our curation.

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