LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise

LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise by Olya Bar

“My Dream Of A Cool Evening In Kashmir, Floating Down The Dal Lake Surrounded By The Scent Of Cedar, Honey, Cinnamon And Saffron” — Honorine Blanc, Firmenich

I love the process of perfume exploration, especially when the brand has an uncanny ability to distill the essence of so much beauty that India has to offer. I had one of the most profound experiences at the launch of LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise. The intimate soiree took place in the belly of the most delicious restaurant, which reimagines the wonders of Indian fare in a space that evokes a bygone era of a boisterous yet elegant India – Sona in New York City.

LilaNur Parfums

Immersive Dinner Decor at Sona by Olya Bar ©

Inspired by Kashmiri Kahwa Tea, the latest fragrance symbolizes warmth, hospitality, and a sense of community as the smoky tea elixir’s tale dates back to the 15th century. The launch event mirrored this sentiment, a celebration of this sensory journey – a plunge back in time, an enchanting evening where each guest was adorned with fragrant jasmine bud bracelets, upon entry, treated to the most lavish dinner and got to savor the culmination of the experience with the aromatic cup of the Kahwa Tea, imbued with saffron, or we often call it – the “red gold.”

Indian Ingredients for perfumes

Ingredients Image of LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise via the brand

LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise is a journey that evokes the very soul of this invigorating brew. The narrative begins with a smoky saffron fusion of the bold sip of high-tannin green tea reminiscent of the essence found in Kashmiri Kahwa. Brewed traditionally in a samovar, Kashmiri Kahwa is a blend of spices, floral notes, and nutty character, brewed to perfection and adorned with a sprinkle of crushed almonds and dried rose petals.

Jasmine Bracelet from India

LilaNur Parfums Jasmine Bracelet by Olya Bar©

From the jasmine of Madurai to the roses of Aligarh, sustainably sourced precious Indian ingredients are at the heart of every LilaNur perfume bringing it even closer to the origin of all its olfactive stories. As the tale unfolds, a decadent honeyed praline note emerges, tantalizingly hinting at the gourmand territory. Swiftly, the smoky character of cypriol wrapped in the balsamic texture of oud and creamy sandalwood takes center stage, adding depth and richness to the story.

LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise

LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise by Olya Bar

As I immersed myself in the LilaNur Parfums Zafran Boise, I found myself transported to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kashmir, floating down the lake in the early morning hours when the fog was covering the lake, making it hard to see too far ahead. Brava Honorine Blanc, who has masterfully crafted an unforgettable story that resonates deeply with the soul of Indian heritage—a fragrance that captivates, enchants, and leaves an indelible mark on the senses and a decadent trail behind it.

Notes: Smoked Saffron, Rose, Cypriol, Praline, Sandalwood, Oud.

Disclaimer: The bottle of LilaNur Zafran Boise was kindly gifted to me but opinions are my own.

Olya Bar, Editor

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