Lazy weekend poll ~ five questions for December 2023 :: Now Smell This

It’s the weekend, and we’re repeating a poll we’ve done for the past few years around this time. As always, answer as few or as many as you like, or just talk about something else.

1. What fragrance are you wearing today?

2. What’s your favorite holiday (any holiday) food, OR, what’s the best thing you cooked in 2023? (Feel free to share or link to a recipe!)

3. Did you make any perfume-related resolutions for 2023, and if so, did you stick to them?

4. Possibly related to #3, what’s the next fragrance you are itching to buy?

5. Share something wonderful with us! It can be anything — something delicious you ate, a great movie you saw recently, the last good book you read, any fabulous news you recently received — really, anything…

Note: top image is holiday decorations [cropped] by
liz west at flickr
; some rights reserved.

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