Lazy weekend poll ~ Easter basket, episode 12 :: Now Smell This

(A few quick PSAs…Donatella will drop by on Wednesday, and then the swap meet will start on Saturday April 20.)

Happy Easter, everyone! It’s time to fill your (fantasy) Easter basket:

1. You can pick one perfume, new or old: what is it?

2. And you can have one other scented product (a candle, a body lotion, anything): what is it?

3. Your favorite candy?

4. And any random present you’d like the Easter bunny to bring you.

Note: if you live in or near Paris, you can still have the Œuf Kintsugi Chocolat Noir (“Combined with the imagination and dexterity of the pastry chef, the egg regains its original appearance, enriched with gold. One by one, the pieces of pure Bélize dark chocolate filled with praline are assembled, the shell gradually takes on its original shape, and the egg is reborn as an embellishment”) sent over by courier from Pierre Hermé, €250.

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