Lazy weekend poll ~ 5 questions, October 2023 :: Now Smell This

It’s National Apple Day on Saturday and National Nut Day on Sunday.  We’ve got five questions to while away the fall harvest always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just talk about something else.

1. What’s your fragrance today?

2. What’s your favorite variety of apple, and if you have a favorite apple perfume, do share that too?

3. What’s your favorite kind of nut, and if you have a favorite nutty perfume, do share that too?

4. What’s your absolute favorite home fragrance product lately? It can be anything — a candle, incense, burning paper or spray.

5. Share something wonderful with us! It can be anything: something you discovered, or ate, or saw, or bought, or that happened to you recently.

Note: top image is Guten-Morgen-Muffins [cropped] by Katrin Gilger at flickr; some rights reserved.

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