Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness

Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness by Olya Bar©

In the rush and whirlwind of modern life, we often overlook the simple and mundane moments that shape our everyday existence. The seemingly banal routines, the unnoticed occurrences, and the ordinary details of life hold a subtle yet profound beauty. Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness, is the olfactory reflection of the “small nothings” we discover poetry in that connects us to the essence of being. A tranquil rhythm of beauty that often goes unnoticed, that is what Romano Ricci has captured in this fragrance.

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The term “banality” usually conveys a sense of ordinariness, something unremarkable or lacking in originality. However, it is precisely in this ordinariness that we find the raw material of our lives. The daily routines, the habitual gestures, and the familiar surroundings form the backdrop against which the extraordinary moments stand out.

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The initial burst of Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness smells of fresh linens followed by the morning ritual of making coffee with the roasted nuttiness of tonka bean, symbolizing the simplicity of a new morning and anticipation for the day ahead. The herbaceous sweetness of star anise is like a soft whiff of cookies in the air, slightly savory and with a pinch of spice. For some it may remind you of biting into a licorice taffy. As the fragrance evolves, it unfolds like the day itself, gradually revealing the depth and nuances hidden within the routines. The heart notes of a cashmere flower are like the fluffy, fuzzy cotton towels against the hot skin. It makes me think of Not a Perfume, a cult fragrance from the collection—the embodiment of the soft enveloping skin fragrance. The base notes of sandalwood ground the experience, offering a comforting conclusion akin to the stillness of a tranquil evening with a long lasting trail of soft musk. A familiar embrace of the lover, as you listen to the rhythm of their heartbeat, the salty taste of their skin on your lips.

Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness by Romano Ricci

Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness by Olya Bar©

Juliette has a Gun Ode to Dullness instills a sense of order and peace in an otherwise chaotic world. In our routines, we find poetry. It’s about slowing down, being present, and finding joy in the simplest moments. A smile exchanged with a stranger, a flower blooming in the garden, or the cozy warmth of cashmere caressing your skin on a chilly day — these are the unsung verses of the poetry of life—an Ode to Dullness.

Notes: Star Anise, Cashmere Flower, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean.

Disclaimer: The fragrance was kindly gifted to me by Twisted Lily where I am a Digital Content Strategist but opinions are always my own.

Olya Bar, Editor.

Available at Twisted Lily.

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