Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer©

Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer© via Amber

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.”- Ray Bradbury

American Perfumer is a boutique dedicated solely to the artistry and fragrances of the United States. They also work with domestic olfactive artists and perfumers to create limited edition, small-batch releases which are sold by lottery, numbered, signed by the perfumer and are exclusive to American Perfumer©. Their latest limited-edition of 75 ten ml bottles is by Amber Jobin of Aether Arts Perfume. When Amber was invited by Dave Kern of American Perfumer© to contribute to the series, they found that they both love vetiver as a perfume note and wanted something warm that would be a joy to wear for the holiday season. While researching vetiver perfumes, Amber found many combinations.  What she did not see was vetiver and honey, which turned out to be a beautiful pairing.

Amber Aether Arts Perfume

Perfumer Amber Jobin, courtesy of the brand

Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer© is a fragrance that I could not wait to experience. Amber’s skill with honey accords is well-known, from her boundary-pushing Hivemind to her conceptual artistry in cyBorg Queen (which was created for ÇaFleureBon’s 13th anniversary) As Amber explains, “I wanted to showcase two materials that are not often paired together. Vetiver is such a popular material in perfumes and has been blended with many different notes but as far as I could find, not with honey. Once I considered the idea, the more excited I became to create this perfume.  It really is such a natural pairing; the vetiver has both earthy and gourmand facets, while honey is so much more than a sweet material. I think that is why I keep coming back to honey accords again and again. Yes, it’s a gourmand note, but it has terroir, you can tease out floral aspects and it is also animalic. Honey bridges the gap between plant and animal, with appreciable notes from each world.”

Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer

Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer© Materials, courtesy of the brand

Honeyed Vetiver by Amber Jobin for American Perfumer© opens with golden glow of honey lifted by bergamot and spice. The honey starts off in a beeswax direction with a hay-like sweetness and a lovely pollen texture that slowly develops into a lovely resinous wax. With time, a subtle sweet, dried-fruit tone with an ambergris facet rises in the background. Honeyed Vetiver combines this extraordinary honey accord with a beautiful Indonesian vetiver with chocolate nuances. The vetiver adds an earthy green and hay nuance to the fragrance, which quickly changes to a softly smoky dash of whisky-soaked leather, before settling into a most refined chocolate experience. At this stage, Honeyed Vetiver brings to mind mole simmering on the stove and warm family gatherings. The dry down is elegance incarnate with powdery warmth that is not too sweet, but cozy like your favorite cashmere scarf.

Note from Aether Arts Perfume: “Aether Arts Perfumes are at Extrait/Perfume Strength in a voile format (sprayable oil) and available in both sprays and roller style bottles.”

Notes: Bergamot, Soft Spice Accord, Complex Honey Accord, Velvet Rose Accord, VetiverSandalwood Accord

 Disclaimer: I was gifted a 2 ml bottle of Honeyed Vetiver; opinions, as always, are my own.

Rachel K. Ng, Senior Contributor

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Amber Jobin Honeyed Vetiver

image courtesy of Amber Jobin

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