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Hima Joma Pashm courtesy of the brand

Sometimes all you want

Is silent snow-covered mountains

to speak to you

Pashm Hima Jomo from the treasures collection

 Anuj Yadav – Unsplash, Hima Jomo Pashm, Juniper Photon – Unsplash collage by Danu

First encounters often mark us, etching upon us an indelible touch, so it was with Vittoria Liu from Hima Jomo, a new brand created in 2022, that I met for the first time at Esxence. The first collection showcased the region of the world that holds a certain fascination and lure for so many of us, the Himalayas.  Within those first four seasonal perfumes, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, unique plants from the Himalaya’s were incorporated into the creations. They are astounding and different, so when I was made aware that Hima Jomo were releasing a brand-new collection of three perfumes called The Treasures Collection, I was bound to be curious.

The name Hima Jomo is the combination of two symbols dear to the brand:

HIMA, the sacred abode of snow and the life-giving source for half of the world’s population.

JOMO, the divine goddess safeguarding the majestic snow-capped mountains, and the embodiment of the Joy of Missing Out.

The Treasures Collection

The Treasures Collection delves deeper beyond the seasons inspiration to capture aspects of the unique cultural life prevalent in this region. The three new releases are Loon – a delicate mineral rose, luminous and shot through with a unique pink salt accord and Himalayan cedarwood, that draws its inspiration from the pink salt mines of the Punjab, “where the mountains are, used to be the ocean’, Tchai – with three kinds of tea in the base notes elevated with florals and sandalwood, this is an ode to the high mist covered mountains of Darjeeling and the trade in tea, ‘Feel the silence of mountains and fragrance of clouds’ and Hima Jomo Pashm- the subject of this review. Perfumers for The Treasures Collection are Bertrand Duchaufour for Loon and Pashm and Barnabe Fillion for Tchai.

Hima Jomo Pashm Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Bertrand Duchaufour courtesy of the brand

‘Nomads heartbeat follows the same rhythm as the mountain’ – Hima Jomo

An ode to Cashmere and the crafting of Pashmina – soft and sensual, connecting time-honoured traditions to the smell of mother earth.

Hima Jomo Pash from the treasure collection

Juniper photon – Unsplash, Anirudh Thakar- Unsplash, Hima Jomo, Milan Popovic – Unsplash, Pashm –collage by Danu Seith-Fyr

Air so fresh that breath is swept from body in an ascent of mist, vistas so vast as to elicit a gasp of awe, this immense clarity hails from the herald of the world. Ancient herbal notes chime like a hammer struck bell echoing out between snow pleated peaks. I am in the presence of something immovable, primordial and ancient as if time has no meaning here and the cadence of life has a rhythm unchanged for centuries. Man and Nature intertwined as it was always meant to be.  Juniper rises freshly crushed, pungent herbal and spicy wafts in combination with a saffron like a golden fringe on woven fabric. There is something comforting and familiar along this well-trodden path that stretches in all directions through past, present and future, a millennial swath flung outwards, a fabric woven of time, tradition and place. The chill of snow infused winds carries aloft the perfumed forest, my footprints erased in drifting snow within minutes, merging with the scent of brewing tea from habitations. An invitation to partake and revive the body, entering upon the updraft into the fire heated abode, clouds of tea aromas surround and offer immediate solace, work worn hands shake out in liquid sensuality a fabric of softest tenure to be laid around my form, its textures a luxurious finishing to my own skin as if that has always been missing. Within its cloud soft fibers, a weaving of all manner of scents arise, the warmth of human skin within a musky cashmere cocoon, it is thoroughly modern and sophisticated elegance and at the same time, modernity is interwoven with timelessness and the traditions associated with these sumptuous pieces. A perfect balance of ancient and new.

The Himalayas

Anuj Yadav – Unsplash

Herein lies the waft and weft of generational whispers, all memories are laid in cloth, nimble fingers transforming the raw animal fiber into a garment of rich texture and soft allure, so it is with Pashm, raw elemental beauty of the Himalayas woven into a sensual embrace that lingers. Revealing the tenderest touch, the brushing of a lovers barely alighting fingertips on flesh, eliciting the exhalation of surrender. The seamless, harmonious marriage between orris and Cashmir Wood is masterly, orris gives a luscious glance to the wood aspects and a sandalwood delicacy paired with ambergris is a  masterstroke finale reflecting the refinement of a Pashmina. Hima Jimo Pashm is snow-shrouded vistas, a human touch of compassion and traditions woven into permanence.

Here in Pashm I walk in the footsteps of ancestors, in their landscape, nurtured by their traditions and taught that in the weaving of life, balance, grace and beauty can always be returned to. Pashm is a scented whisper from remote, uncluttered pinnacles, wilderness and humanity reminding us that in the simplest of gestures and pure places, truth and beauty reside. Indeed, they are the Treasures in the vault of humanity.

Top: juniper, saffron, cinnamon; Heart: white tea, cashmir wood, orris; Base: Indian sandalwood, ambergris, ambrette seed

I am very grateful to Vittoria Liu founder of Hima Jomo for the samples of The Treasure Collection. My words are my own.

Danu-Seith Fyr,  Senior Contributor

PASH Hima Joma

Hima Jomo Pashm courtesy of the brand

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