Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee

  Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee bottle, courtesy of the brand

 “Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.” — Bob Dylan

Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee combines two of my favorite things: banana bread and New Orleans! According to the perfumer behind the brand, Hez Binkowitz, “the true inspiration behind Banana Bread Banshee comes from cherished memories with my late mother.

 young Hez with his mother courtesy of Hez Parfums

 My mother was a very loving and caring person that enjoyed spending time with her family. Some of my best memories with her were involved simple things, like enjoying a fresh baked banana bread together. I wanted a fragrance that could pull me back to that time and place, and really capture the warmth of those memories. I also wanted it to be something that other people could find similar connections to. I am honored that Banana Bread Banshee is able to evoke such strong feelings and memories in myself and others. It’s warm and inviting, just like the smell of fresh baked banana bread.”


New Orleans perfumes

New Orleans Pexels near Bourbon Street

I have traveled to New Orleans to experience the city’s culture, music, and food more times than I can count. Home of the most unique celebrations and street culture in the United States, a visit during Mardi Gras is a bucket-list event. Vibrant and life-affirming, New Orleans is my favorite place on Earth. According to Hez Binkowitz, “all of the fragrances I’ve created for Hez Parfums are dedicated to various aspects of life and culture in New Orleans on the surface level. Banana Bread Banshee is one of those fragrances. It was created with a very specific memory and feeling in mind.”

Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee

Mardi Gras Pexels

Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee is a banana party in a bottle. I drink in banana’s lush white floral aspects and the fruit’s ripe pear-like facets on display. I am immediately impressed with the veracity and fullness of this banana note, to my nose the best I have smelt. A citrus sparkle shines in the opening of the fragrance from a lemon that becomes sweeter with time, adding hints of powdered sugar to the rind. Cinnamon rounds out the luscious opening of Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee with mouthwateringly sweet spice that refracts clove, apple, raisin, almond, and coumarin within its warm aura. All of this beautiful warm spice cradles the banana note and sparks the best kind of cravings.

Hez Binkowitz of Hez Parfums 

Independent Perfumer Hez Binkowitz, courtesy of the brand

With time, Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee becomes richer with more depth which is adding a touch of wood. I am picturing a loaf of freshly baked banana bread cooling on a wooden cutting board. This is a delightful sight often shared with family (my mother’s baking skills when I was a child and now my husband’s loving craft in the kitchen often produce delicious homemade banana bread). A bread accord integrates the realistic banana note to create a banana bread accord that is masterfully constructed. I can smell the touch of brown sugar and vanilla baked into this mouthwatering treat. Sandalwood creates a soft base that provides our banana bread a place to rest and cool. Hez Parfums Banana Bread Banshee is a comforting and magnetic fragrance that will draw people your way. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Notes: banana, lemon, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate, brown sugar, bread, vanilla, sandalwood

Disclaimer: Bottle of Banana Bread Banshee kindly provided by Hez Parfums. My opinions, as always, are my own.

~ Rachel K. Ng, Senior Contributor

Banana Bread Banshee by Hez Parfums

Banana Bread Banshee bottle, courtesy of the brand

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