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Headspace Parfums don’t just capture the object named on the flacon; rather they capture moments and feelings in time and space, using technology as a tool allowing the perfumer to weave some perfumed poetry. My first experience of Headspace was blind sniffing though their discovery set, having only the brands name to go on, I was expecting a photo realistic perfume, rather I got a beautiful journey from first spray, till the final lingering whisper of the story. The Absinthe smelled like absinthe and then the wild haze of the green fairy, as did Genievre but in more relaxed way, it smelled like glass of Genievre from the first sip to the end as you felt the ice melt. My initial favourites though were Santal; a wild berry champagne poured over naked flesh and enjoyed. Tubereuse; a plump sensual flower all sultry and smooth enjoying a cigarette post sex and finally Myrrhe; a beautiful escape from all the wildness to a Zen like retreat by the sea. Then Kirsch the most recent release swooped in and stole my heart. No surprise that Headspace Parfums Kirsch was in my Top 10 perfumes of 2023.

Paul Guerlain composed Headspace Parfums Kirsch

 Founder Nicolas Chabot and Paul Guerlain of IFF

I’m very particular with fruit perfumes especially cherry and Headspace Parfums Kirsch delivers a stunning dark sour cherry wearing a soft leather jacket, shimmering with an iridescent sake aura and gentle flirty purr, which gives me a wonderful feeling words can’t quite capture, you know that electric wildness when sparks fly inside. Perfumer Paul Guerlain, under the creative direction of Nicolas Chabot, set out to capture the feeling of a first date and he did it stunningly. Kirsch opens with a powerful first attraction then dries down like a beautiful flirty conversation over drinks getting to know some one better. It captures that fun sexual tension when things are going really well, with just enough of an animalic purr to make you pull closer and want more. It’s like that anticipation of that first kiss on New Years Eve.

 Kirsch by Headspace Parfums

Screen Shot of Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks 1990 mixing a cocktail

Headspace Parfums Kirsch presents a unique experience, pouring you a tall glass of black sour cherry liquor that exudes an enchanting aura effervescing with Japanese Ume sake. Imagine a captivating blend of deep reds and purples, with delicate Sakura flowers adorning the edges like a silky floral kimono. The richness of the fruitiness is both tantalizing and alluring, offering a sensual bite of dark cherry that is simultaneously soft and bold. It makes me think of Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and that famous scene in One Eyed Jacks where she’s tying a cherry stalk into a bow with her tongue. Kirsch is sweet and tart in the best way, like playful banter across the table with lingering looks. Iris teases out a sensual softness with a rich saffron leather giving a refined elegant smooth leather texture that darkens the cherry’s already rich red tone and yet there’s a beautiful counterpoint, something rather ethereal with the plumy fruity sake effervescing that’s hard to describe fully. That sensation of a delicious delicate sake that perfumes your mouth like a kiss as it slowly rolls down your throat. It’s hard to fully describe the experience of Kirsch, as things are evolving simultaneously; its evolution is like a slow dance of soft and tough elements, forming an elegant movement.

Soft spices emit a warm and intoxicating aura, enveloping your senses like a comforting embrace. It’s as if you’re sipping on warm sake, the heat spreading through your body, while your eyes lock in a lingering gaze. The delicate porcelain vessel cradles its essence, enhancing its allure. Saffron adds a touch of opulence, unveiling a floral richness that gradually blossoms into an impossible cherry blossom, if only real Sakura had the scent of cherries. Ambroxan, with its enchanting spell, unfurls this impossible flower that seems to shimmer around you, turning Headspace Parfums Kirsch into a gentle cloud of fragrance. Abstract woody notes are painted like Japanese watercolours, brush strokes evoking the sensation of the sake’s wooden drinking vessels. It’s like a soft brushstroke of aromas, enough to transport you into a dreamlike state. Oakmoss introduces a soft green texture, with an earthy undertone, as if you can sense the flesh of a cherry being torn open, its dark scent shimmering with an iridescent glow. As the fragrance evolves, more darker leather facets emerge, adding more depth to this olfactory journey.

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Screen Shot of Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks 1990 

Headspace Kirsch possesses an undeniable sexiness, exuding confidence with its intoxicating blend of leather and a playful aura of sweet, mysterious allure. It teases the senses with a dark, effervescent sensation, shimmering with delicious pleasures. Evoking a hint of animalistic charm, it playfully winks and seductively bites its lower lip, exuding a captivating depth that effortlessly dances on the skin, leaving a trail of intrigue. It tantalisingly flirts with those in its proximity, slipping through their grasp, leaving them yearning for more, flashing its deep cherry sweetness from beneath its dark leather coat. Yet Kirsch goes home with you, with dark cherry kisses still haunting your skin until the next day.

Notes: Red Fruit Accord, Cherry Accord, Saffron, Iris Concrete, Rum Absolute, Leather, Oak Moss Absolute, Ambrox

A lab sample was kindly sent by Headspace Parfums. Nose and thoughts my own and a Happy New Year’s Eve from all of at ÇaFleureBon.

Senior Contributor – J @wearescentient artist and olfactive writer.

Kirsch Headspace Parfums

Thanks to the generosity of Headspace Parfums, we have a 30 ml bottle of Kirsch for one registered reader in the EU or U.S. You can register here. To be eligible, please leave a comment describing what strikes you about Kirsch based on J Wearescentient’s review and where you live. Draw closes1/4/2024.

Headspace Parfums Kirsch is available on the brand’s website.

The brand is available in the USA at Luckyscent and in Paris at Jovoy Paris.

Please read more about Creative Director Nicholas Chabot who was Michelyn’s best creative director of 2016. Headspace Tubéreuse was a Finalist for the 2023 Fragrance Foundation France Awards: Best Perfume from an Independent Brand.

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