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Photo Dreaming in Tonka Courtesy of Michael Schrammel

The idea for the new Lucid Dreams perfumes began after a real dream…I was standing on the edge of a field surrounded by trees. Meteors were raining down from the sky like tears of fire. One meteor crashed into a tree in an explosion of smoke and cinders. When the smoke cleared, I walked closer. This was no meteor. Where the tree once stood was now a tall, human-like woman wrapped in a gold shroud. She began to speak. She said she was part of a small race of perfumers that have come to earth to share their knowledge of perfumery. Each one of them a master who creates all of their perfumes around a specific ingredient. From this dream, I awoke and wrote down what would become Lucid Dreams. Each perfume centered around an ingredient in a dreamy light using the finest materials, with 30 percent parfum concentration.” -Michael Schrammel, perfumer

Michael Schrammel of For the scent of it

 Michael Schrammel Photo Courtesy of Michael Schrammel (apped by Michelyn)

Dreams can help us process emotions and memories, inspire creativity, and provide self-knowledge. Even though dreams’ exact mechanisms and functions are still not fully understood, understanding their importance, and interpreting them can enhance our quality of life.” India Times 1-11-23

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Photo follow that dream Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash.

From a dream to the manifestation of remarkable quality, For The Scent of It Dreaming in Tonka takes your imagination to a much higher realm, wrapping you in a cloak of transparent lame’ with an array of metallic threads woven through it, creating an otherworldly light beacon and a fringe-edged with bourbon, vetiver, amber, sandalwood, and tonka bean leaving an irresistible aromatic trail lingering behind you. This trail evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, with the addition of sandalwood and vetiver, which enhances it. The bourbon and amber add just enough seduction to gather attention by the turning of heads but no more. Its creamy sweetness and irresistible ability envelop you in a reinforced sense of confidence, fully showing you that you own your power, never allowing anyone or anything to take it from you.

Notes: Cinnamon, Spiced Almonds, Lavender, Calabrian Bergamot, Sarsaparilla CO2, Cedar, Rose, Amyris, Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vetiver, Amber, Sandalwood.

I cannot wait to experience the other exquisite fragrances that Michael adds to his Lucid Dreams series of perfumes.

Disclosure: based on a bottle of Dreaming in Tonka I purchased from The Scent of It; opinions are my own.

Sandi Lundberg, Contributor

Dreaming in Tonka by the scent of it


Photo For The Scent of It Dreaming in Tonka Courtesy of Michael Schrammel

Thanks to Michael Schrammel we have a draw for a 30 ml of For The Scent Of It  Dreaming in Tonka for a registered user in the US ONLY To enter the draw, you must be a registered reader. Please leave a comment on what sparked your interest from Sandi’s review of Dreaming in Tonka. What other ingredient would you like Michael to center a perfume around for this series (he has done Oud and recently in 2024, Rose)? Draw closes 1/23/2024

For the Scent of It Dreaming in Tonka was one of Sandi’s top ten perfumes for 2023

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