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It seems to have etched the end. Everything seemed to have happened quickly. There was chest thumping, everyone condemned, of running closed a chapter, Because Saturday was coming. Yet fear and awe are describing the unexpected, A precious bottle falls into a thousand pieces, It releases its aroma and speaks in silence. Yet we knew it. Death is not the last word. The stone rolled away, and with it. Turns my life upside down every day, It anoints my now sandy skin So that I can soil that linen With my inaccuracies. The now useless ointment frames an empty place. Rich. This is the wonder, THIS DAY.Filippo Sorcinelli

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Filippo Sorcinelli and Danu – Straf Bar – Milan 2018

Each Esxence, the perfume event in Milan each spring offers an opportunity to reconnect with close friends and to attend events outside of the main fair and all its frenetic pace. So, it was in Milan this year when Filippo Sorcinelli proposed a few events to launch Haec Dies- Delire de Voyages Collection, one of his new releases for 2023. Haec Dies translated from the Latin means ‘This Day’. Its release was timed to coincide with the religious events of Easter within the Christian calendar but its message and influence extend wholly beyond that religious observance with a relevance that is very pertinent today.

Light on Stone – St Amand de Coly – Danu Seith-Fyr©

Easter within a Christian concept contains the themes of sacrifice and resurrection, yet also Easter contains more ancient origins, Eostre as the Goddess of rebirth and the renewal of nature as she wakens from repose. These interwoven themes reverberate through our history and psyches, we feel within ourselves a hope rising with the sap from the earth and the hope of an immortality written in the texts of so many faiths. A Christian promise yet it can be found in so many of the worlds belief systems. Springtide and the Easter rituals confer this ever-renewing hope to humanity even through the darkest times.

Hac Dies Filippo sorcinelli profumi

The Three Marys – Nicolaus Haberschrack 1454-1481, McKenna Phillips – Unsplash, Haec Dies – Brand website

Here true to Filippo’s faith is a perfume infused with awe and grace and laced with stilled moments. Haec Dies serves to capture moments, suspended in its formula and etched into the fabric of time. It is the moment of discovery when the three Mary’s so prominent in the life of Jesus go to the tomb with the purpose of anointing his body, carrying with them a precious ointment of unctuous oils designed to sanctify, carried in reverence to the tombs entrance. Filippo Sorcinelli  Haec Dies is the encapsulation of this shock and awe as they realise the stone of the tomb is rolled away, burial cloths lay scattered and the tomb is empty. In their distress and realisation, the jar of anointing oil is dropped and shatters on the rocky ground.  The released aromas pervade the airs and mark this a profound revelation, that the miracle of resurrection is upon them.

Filippo Sorcinelli Haac Dies perfume

Mads Schmidts Rasmussen – Unsplash

Filippo Sorcinelli Haec Dies in its entirety is a universal solace, comforting and graceful it settles upon me like the encompassing embrace of a beloved. A taut string plucked in an instant and released to send reverberation’s out into the world.  In its tender divinity I am first taken aback by its initial brilliance of bergamot and orange with a tang of piercing cedarwood bringing me to that moment that flesh parted with the earth of pottery in astonishment and fear, the women startled by what they see.

This is the moment of parting suspended, the slow motion almost imperceptible, time-ripped descent of the vase, droplets of fear and doubt spilling to the sandy earth below releasing an astonished awe in its sundering. A jasmine of pure luminescence enrobed in a sublime vanilla as the visitation of an Angel, a sandalwood of earthy voluptuousness rises in vapours, gently dispersing the grief sodden airs in a transformation, heaviness lifted from shoulders as the perfume mingles with their spent tears. Here is the sum of their comprehension, the piecing together of the parts to make a whole, even as debris litters their feet. Diaphanous shards of light filter through its composition and assuage the gloom, I am permeated in all the joys of its floral heart, piercing my own and laying it open, in an ecstasy of understanding. In this one stilled moment death is overcome and sorrow is dissipated.

Detail of The Ghent Altarpiece - Jan Van Eyck-

Ray Proenza – Unsplash, Detail of The Ghent Altarpiece – Jan Van Eyck- Wiki Commons Viktor Talashuk – Unsplash

Within its tapestry, the very essence of sacred, precious woods and the resins of antiquity which rise in exaltation on the wings of its falling petals, shed as tears of joy. It is a perfume of transformation, of hope and faith in humanity.  It wears like a promise, that there is no end or beginning. That always within the darkest recesses there is Hope, it therefore triumphs in this descending season, cocooning me against the dark, blasting through in a triumphal entrance to renew our knowledge of the return.  It sits within my skin like a sanctified vestment, a layer of armour against a harshness, be it winter or the worlds troubles. In it wearing there is an uplifting exuberance, heralding the lines of Marks Gospel free of language barrier, creed or belief system.

Danu Seith -Fyr, Contributor

All opinions are my own words and I wish to thank all at Filippo Sorcinelli and Filippo himself for his kindness. Bottle and sample received from the brand

SUBJECT: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Musc

COUNTER SUBJECT: Cedar Wood, Peach Note, Rose, Myrrh

TAIL: Aloe Vera, Bergamot, Orange, Jasmine

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