Farmacia SS Annunziate 1561 Venere review

Farmacia SS Annunziate 1561 Venere courtesy of the brand

“Just as Botticelli’s Venus rises from the water, this perfume blooms from a composition of flowers, musk, and amber. A scent representing the true essence of beauty and femininity.” quote from the brand

Farmacia SS Annunziata courtesy of the brand

Photo Farmacia SS Annunziata logo courtesy of the brand 

I recently experienced the captivating essence of Farmacia SS Annuniziata 1561 Venere (translated into English it means Venus),  which debuted in 2021 in celebration of the house’s 460th anniversary commemorating its original opening in 1561. The evolution of a city’s beloved apothecary has transformed it into a cutting-edge pharmacy without losing its charm and history. In 2006, the company expanded its skincare range by introducing a line of fragrances designed to complement its existing products and enhance the overall user experience.

Venere boasts an alluring blend of vanilla, fruity nectarous sweetness, musky powderiness, white floral delicacy, woody depths, and the sensual warmth of amber wood.  Wearing Farmacia SS Annunziate 1561 Venere, be prepared to be captivated as it unleashes an inspiring, stirring aura and develops on the warmth of the skin. It begins with an uplifting, vibrant tang reminiscent of nature’s awakening on a dewy morning. Its fruity top notes fuse with luxurious, sweet floral as the essence unfolds, creating a lovely, uplifting, captivating aroma. As the tapestry of vibrant and elegant floral intertwines, it fuses with the warm embrace of sensual, soft, and powdery whispers, blossoming into a symphony of scents that dance upon the skin, awakening the senses to a world of beauty and grace.

Featured Notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Peach, Jasmine, White Musks, Vanilla, Amber Woods.

Disclosure: My review is based on a sample of Venere from Fragrance Vault opinion, and my words are my own.

Sandi Lundberg, Contributor

Venere Farmacia SS Annunziata 1561

Photo taken at  the Farmacia SS Annuniziata 1561 booth at Esxence

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