Escentric Molecules M + Iris

The development of Escentric Molecules M+ Iris was far from ordinary. In an industry where complexity often reigns supreme, Geza Schöen charted an unconventional path. He made the conscious choice to remain loyal to the essence of iris, permitting it to bask in the limelight without the accompaniment of a myriad of other aromatic materials. Thanks to amazing team at Escentric Molecules, we have  a100ml bottle of Escentric Molecules M+ Iris for one registered reader in the UK or USA.

The random winner is Riley Toga. Please email michelyn at ÇaFleureBon dawt com with Escentric Molecules M + Iris as your subject, with your name, complete phone and mailing details by 10/7/2023 4:00 PM EST. THIS IS A DEADLINE AND ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS IF YOU ARE LATE or misspell ÇaFleureBon and the email does not get there. You must use the exact email from your comment. We ask that when you claim your prize that the item can be shipped ONLY to your home address. A warm thank you in your email to Escentric Molecules would be appreciated as we do forward what you write EXACTLY to our very generous perfumers, retailers and creative directors and our own team’s RAOK. We welcome all fragrance lovers to enter our draws. If you are a blogger or YouTube video reviewer we appreciate if you should win a draw and decide to review, please disclose, and credit our site, and the perfumer’s site as well. NOTE OUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT is now @cafleurebonofficial

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We announce the winners only on our site and on our Facebook page, so like CaFleureBon and use our blog feed…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume.


Please note that there may be a delay in getting this to you, so allow for 3-6 weeks. Please allow even more time as certain areas and countries are still behind in shipping. When you receive your perfume, please let Michelyn know!!!

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