Electimuss London Aquila Absolute Review

Electimuss London Aquila Absolute by Karl.

Electimuss London recently unveiled Aquila Absolute winner of (Best Luxury / Niche Fragrance, Beauty Awards, London 2023), a fragrance that seems to transcend time and space and capture the essence of the majestic Aquila constellation. Launched in 2023 and composed by perfumer Julien Rasquinet, this olfactory creation is a testament to the harmonious blend of fine ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship.

Inspired by the Aquila constellation, the fragrance seeks to encapsulate the regal spirit of the eagle soaring through the celestial realms. Aquila, as the king of the skies, symbolizes power, beauty, and elegance. Rasquinet’s creation deftly translates this symbolism into a sensory experience, allowing the wearer to feel the majesty of an eagle’s flight.

Julien Rasquinet of CPL Aromas

Image of perfumer Julien Rasquinet courtesy of the perfumer

A notable aspect of Electimuss London’s approach is the use of LMR oils, representing the pinnacle of sustainable natural raw materials. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the brand’s ethos, ensuring that Electimuss London Aquila Absolute is a responsible creation in harmony with the environment.

With a 25% oil concentration, Aquila Absolute stands as a potent elixir, promising longevity and a captivating sillage. The opulence of Electimuss London’s presentation is exemplified in the midnight blue bottle adorned with shimmering gold accents. A closer inspection reveals the subtle yet intricate depiction of the Aquila constellation, a hidden gem within the exquisite packaging.

Aquila absolue

Aquila Constellation courtesy of Electimuss London

The fragrance unfurls with an enchanting dance of aromas, commencing with the invigorating notes of fresh Cardamom Oil Guatemala LMR, lending a bright and lively aura to the opening. Accompanying this vivacity is a subtle yet distinctive raspberry accord, adding a touch of sweetness that teases the senses. As Electimuss London Aquila Absolute evolves, the heart notes emerge with the grace of Turkish Rose Absolute and the richness of Pure Geranium Oil from Egypt. These floral elements intertwine, creating a symphony of aromas that is both alluring and sophisticated. It is in this heart that the true artistry of Aquila Absolute comes to life, capturing the delicate beauty of nature’s blooms. The base notes, a composition of leather accord, Patchouli Coer n3 LMR, Labdanum resinoid LMR, White Oud accord, and Violet leaf Absolute Egypt LMR, form a foundation of depth and complexity. This combination of elements provides a lingering resonance, leaving an indelible impression on the olfactory senses. The White Oud accord adds a touch of exotic allure to the composition.

Electimuss London Aquila Absolute is an olfactory journey that captures the essence of power, beauty, and elegance. Julien Rasquinet’s artistry, coupled with the brand’s commitment to sustainability, elevates this fragrance to a realm of timeless sophistication. As you embark on the sensory exploration of Aquila Absolute, prepare to be enveloped in the wings of the majestic eagle, soaring through the cosmos.

Notes: Cardamom Oil Guatemala LMR, Raspberry accord, Turkish Rose Absolute, Pure Geranium Oil from Egypt, Patchouli Coer n3 LMR, Labdanum resinoid LMR, White Oud accord, Violet leaf Absolute Egypt LMR, The White Oud accord.

Karl Topham UK Ambassador & Senior Editor.

Disclaimer: Electimuss London Aquila Absolute kindly sent for review purposes; opinions are my own.

Aquila Absolute by Electimuss London

Electimuss London Aquila Absolute by Karl©

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