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Indie brand DS & Durga has launched Big Sur Eucalyptus, a new limited edition unisex fragrance inspired by the brand’s Big Sur After Rain candle.

Deep spicy green groves on the cool cool California coast.

Our Big Sur After Rain candle is one of our most successful products. People have asked for us to make it as a perfume, but I don’t really dig candle oils on the skin. So I took the dominant accord, and many of the same materials and fashioned them into a foggy meditation on coastal California eucalyptus groves that sits wonderfully on the ol’ epidermis. Eucalyptus is one of my top five favorite smells in the world. The oil alone cannot encapsulate it’s [sic] real essence – balmy, green, woody, and deeply spicy. I hope this perfume captures this for all the seekers and tweakers out there.

The notes include wet wood, pacific spray, eucalyptus globulous, cardamom, rosemary, magnolia, eucalyptus cone, cyprus (cypress?) and dry leaves.

DS & Durga Big Sur Eucalyptus is available now at Etiket in Canada, in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

(via etiket.ca)

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