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Dior J’Adore L’Or Bottle Bottle, photo by Rachel

The house of Dior has created fragrance masterpieces since 1947, making waves in the olfactive scene alongside their iconic “New Look” that celebrated femininity and opulence in post-war women’s fashion. Calice Becker’s 1999 creation for the brand, J’Adore, captured the classic Dior feminine fruity-floral bouquet projecting gracious and sophisticated allure. J’Adore was such a hit that 17 flankers followed soon after. One of these flankers was the 2010 J’Adore L’Or, an extrait concentration of the finest Grasse jasmine and rose essences set against a tonka, patchouli and amber base fashioned by François Demachy. Now, in 2023, Dior Creative Director and renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has put his own imprint on this immortal scent with the launch of Dior J’Adore L’Or 2023, reformulated by Kurkdjian for Dior’s new era under his direction.

Francis Kurkdjian master perfumer

Perfumer and Creative Director for Parfums Dior Francis Kurkdjian, wiki

Dior J’Adore L’Or opens with a lovely tangle of fresh florals, led by jasmine, including the green stems of this luscious white flower. According to Editor Ermano Picco, “Francis Kurkdjian not only reconnected with the original creator, perfumer Calice Becker to better get into the original spirit of the perfume, he also succeeded in infusing the new J’Adore L’Or with his personal touch.” My own experience of Kurkdjian’s personal touch is his ability streamline and articulate, bringing a new clarity to the scent. My first impression is a beautifully expressive jasmine note. The intensely rich white floral has the subtle touch of camphor off the top, with lactonic and creamy vanillic tones that flush out lush petals. Apricot facets, ylang-tinged banana and angles of clove layer over a touch of enlivening indole. The fluency and coherence of the jasmine floats beautifully in the air around me.

 Dior J’Adore L’Or Bottle, photo by Rachel

Dior J’Adore L’Or opens to a fuller bouquet as orange blossom adds its honeyed and golden richness with hints of grape nectar, dark honey, amber, vanilla, and indole. Rose layers its own take on honey, citrus, and beeswax to the mix. The voluptuousness of these materials is legible and precise, like proper and elegant Doric columns. As the fragrance dries down, I sense the violet’s sweetness merging with a warm amber base. The golden aura of Dior J’Adore L’Or 2023 is Apollonian, shining the golden light of harmony, progress, clarity, and logic that will give us the gleam of hope for the new year.

 Notes: jasmine, orange blossom, rose, violet, muguet

Bottle my own, opinions my own.

~ Rachel K. Ng, Senior Contributor

Please read Editor Ermano Picco’s ÇaFleureBon Modern Masterpiece: Dior J’Adore (the 1999 original formulation by Calice Becker) here.

J’Adore L’Or 2023 was Ermano and Michelyn’s Best Designer Perfume 2023

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