ÇaFleureBon X 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen

ÇaFleureBon X 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen photo by Sarah apped by Michelyn

ÇaFleureBon X 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen is the fifth collaboration between independent perfumer Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays and Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief’s Queen series (White Queen, Red Queen  Dark Queen and Pirate Queen) and was composed to celebrate ÇaFleureBon’s 14th anniversary, March 22, 2024. Michelyn owns more lipsticks (last count 213) than perfumes, but is not fond of their waxy rose-violet scent or what are typically known as lipstick fragrances. The brief  to Sarah for ÇaFleureBon X 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen was “make me a lipstick perfume I could love”. She did just that, and nailed it on the first mod. I was glamoured from first spritz. –Michelyn Camen

Sarah McCartney and Michelyn Camen collaborated on CaFleureBon x 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen

 Sarah McCartney and Michelyn Camen Faerie Queen portraits apped by Michelyn

“Our fifth Queen collaboration is a new inspiration and challenge from Michelyn, a lipstick fragrance which pays homage to the traditional aroma without being overwhelmingly violet or roseWe are both intrigued by legends of the Fae, and fond of the Rivers of London series of novels, in which police detective (and wizard) Peter Grant regularly encounters their powers. 

The Fey and The Furious from the Rivers of London series courtesy of Amazon.com

The FAErie Queen we picture isn’t a little Tinkerbell or a sweet, friendly fairy of modern children’s stories; she is powerful and wayward and lives in an alternate reality which intersects with our own, and will use the glamour to draw unwary humans into her world.

FAErie Queen approaches with a shimmering veil of vanilla, kumquat and orange. A reassuringly familiar accord of violet, musks and rose lulls the wearer into her embrace, before the unusual heart of orris butter, styrax, fir leaf and jasmine absolutes draw you into a strange but irresistible universe. By the time you notice it’s too late; you belong to the Fae.

Wear it to escape the humdrum, while keeping one foot firmly grounded in earthly reality”.Sarah McCartney.

Michelyn’s Note: When I asked Sarah for Faerie Queen’s “notes”, she wrote, “you know top, mid and base are just in the imagination? It’s all made up so that sales people can have a chat? I hate myself for complying with this fakery, but here you go:

Top: orange, kumquat, vanilla, violet; Mid: orris, jasmine, rose; Base: fir balsam, musk, styrax

Sarah was Michelyn’s MVP 2022 ÇaFleureBon Hall of Fame

FAErie Queen is sold exclusively at Perfumology in the USA 50 ml/ $125 and 100 ml $185 and coming soon to 4160 Tuesdays.com

Faerie Queen by Sarah McCartney 4160 Tuesdays

ÇaFleureBon X 4160 Tuesdays FAErie Queen photo by Sarah

Thanks to the generosity of Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays and Nir Guy of Perfumology we have a draw for one 50 ml bottle for a registered CaFleureBon reader. Please leave a comment on this site, with what appeals to you about FAErie Queen, if you have tried  CaFleureBon  X 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen, White Queen. Dark Queen or Pirate Queen and that you live in the USA. What is your suggestion for a “Queen” to add in 2025? (although we already decided) Draw closes 3/28/2023

Available only at Perfumology HERE in the USA and soon on 4160Tuesdays site.

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