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Blocki Brazilian Lily Photo by Olya Bar©

Today, I am venturing into an aromatic narrative woven by perfumer Michelle Bruckmann with the latest fragrance, Blocki Brazilian Lily from the Heritage Collection. This collection is a historical tapestry, a revival of the true stories that perfumed the original Blocki creations of the early 20th century.

I imagine stepping into a scene where the relentless rain has just ceased its percussive symphony against the verdant earth. In its majestic authority, the sun slices through the remnants of a humid haze, asserting its warmth on the world below. There’s a distinct freshness of bergamot and neroli in the air that speaks of renewal and life—a sensory promise that something breathtaking is about to unfold.

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A.I. generated image of the jungle by Olya©

As I traverse this olfactory journey, I find myself beneath a canopy of ancient trees where green light is filtered into a spectrum of emerald hues. In this enchanted forest, your senses are greeted by water droplets, each a miniature lens magnifying the vitality of the jungle. They bead-like precious jewels on surfaces of ripe fruits and berries that hang temptingly from the boughs and on the tender petals of myriad rain lily flowers that carpet the forest floor.

John Blocki, founder of Blocki

John Blocki, founder of Blocki courtesy of the brand

It’s here, amid this post-rain reverie, that the breeze becomes a perfumer’s apprentice, carrying forth the heady, intoxicating scent of lilies—the signature note of Brazilian Lily. Inspired by a Blocki perfume from 1903, this fragrance is a loving nod to its namesake, a concoction that captures the heart of an untamed garden in full, unabashed bloom.

Blocki perfumes Brazilian Lily

close up of the intricate Blocki cap by Olya

Blocki Brazilian Lily is a complex bouquet of tropical florals that converge in a dance of exotic elegance without being overly heady. There is so much air in the fragrance you want to inhale it with every millimeter of your lung capacity. Each spritz releases a medley of lush notes of tart red currants and succulent white figs, intermingling with the distinguished aroma of driftwood—a reminder of the forest’s proximity to the alluring Brazilian shores. The soft warmth of amber and musk adds all their beauty to the enveloping woody trail without trying to steal the spotlight from the fruity florals in the heart. Michelle Bruckmann, with an artist’s precision and a poet’s soul, has composed  Blocki Brazilian Lily to be more than just a scent—it’s a moment of escape to the heart of the jungle, captured in a bottle. It speaks of heritage, of stories whispered in every drop.

Blocki Brazilian Lily is a narrative of adventure, a glimpse into a bygone era, and an intimate encounter with nature. In an age where the art of fragrance often bows to the pressures of commercial demands, Blocki’s Brazilian Lily is a testament to the brand’s commitment to storytelling through scent. It serves as a reminder that some stories are best told not through words but through the silent language of perfume.

Notes: red currant, neroli, bergamot, white fig, rain lily, driftwood, amber, musk.

The bottle was kindly gifted to me but opinions are always my own.

Olya Bar, Editor

Brazilian Lily by Blocki

Blocki Brazilian Lily courtesy of the brand

Thanks to the generosity of Blocki, we are offering 50 ml. flacon ($165) of Brazilian Lily to one registered reader in the U.S. To be eligible, you must be registered and please tell us what appealed to you in Olya’s review of Blocki Brazilian Lily. Draw Closes 11/14/2023

Michelyn’s note: A portion of Brazilian Lily sales benefit The Red List Project: together with Blocki’s  environmental conservation and consumer products partners,  they initiate projects not only to raise awareness of mounting threats to the planet’s botanical diversity but also to generate funds for targeted conservation of threatened plants and the ecosystems in which they thrive.

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