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2023 Cannes – Continued adventures – Ramon Monegal, Ojar, Perris Monte Carlo, Musicology, House of Helios, Atelier des Ors Opening Party by Danu Seith-Fyr @ Cannes

As I continue my report of my adventures in Cannes outside of the Palais and the main halls of TWFA, I am reminded in writing this of the many beautiful people inside this world of artistic perfumery, driven by passion and the desire to create beauty and transport emotions of a higher human nature to others.  This is needed more than ever and we must hold true to values that aspire to the very highest in our humanity. Lights must burn brightly in the darkest hours. Dylan Thomas so aptly wrote – ‘Rage, Rage against the dying of the Light’.

Ramon and Laura Monegal at 2023 Cannes

Ramon, Laura Monegal and Danu- by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

Having travelled to the beautiful city of Barcelona a few years ago and sought out Ramon Monegal’s store it was essential to arrange a meeting with Ramon Monegal himself in Cannes.  It was also a pleasure to meet Laura Monegal, his daughter.  All members of the Monegal family are involved in the brand and it has long and well-tended roots.

A Spanish heritage that is being well curated for the future.  I applaud and admire beyond words this care and protection of a family legacy, Ramon Monegal is the 4th generation with the 5th generation well onboard.  In my lengthy discussions with M. Monegal it was abundantly clear that we had similar views on so much of the perfume world especially now as we enter uncharted waters with technological intrusions. He holds true to the high artistry of perfumery and the creative genius that resides within human beings. I was able to smell two new creations for Ramon Monegal which will be released in February and April 2024. No further information can be given at this time but my anticipation is sharpened and my admiration for this house increased.  A real highlight and a connection I shall treasure and cultivate. Waiting for February, it’s a stunning creation.

Ojar Perfumes

Jennifer and Danu at Ojar – by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

Connections made at Esxence 2023and continued at Pitti yielded another wonderful opportunity to meet with Ojar, an Omani brand driven by a woman at the helm.  It was lovely to meet with Jennifer again and to be able to have the luxury of time so denied us at Esxence. The Founder Sheikha Hind Bahwan strives to portray the beauty of her country from the perspective of perfume rituals, not just the using of perfume but of perfumed oils and the layering of both. Also included in the collection are hair and body mists so that by combining all three you are undertaking this ritual of perfuming the self. It allows a lot of freedom and personalization. There are exquisite gift sets that combine the perfumes with the concentrated oils which come with a glass dropper. There is a gentle grace that weaves through the collection, the touch of a woman’s hand, it lends all the collection an elegance that is complete. I have already stated a few of my chosen favourites and now I have to add their new addition which will be released on November 1st. I was able to wear this new perfume over the course of a day and a night and have to tell you it is truly beautiful and immerses you in a cocoon of tranquility and sensuality. Lips sealed by request until Nov 1st.

Perris Monte Carlo Shining Moon

Perris Monte Carlo – Shining Moon – by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

A few captured moments together for an aperitif at the end of a very long day for both of us with Alessandra from Perris Monte Carlo gave us both the chance to relax and decant a little. It is always wonderful to spend time with her and with Perris, my long-standing patronage and admiration for the Perris family grows. Gianluca Perris is now very involved with Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy in Florence of course, I do miss seeing him and spending moments together.  A family with a rich history in the world of perfume and beauty, Houbigant and Perris Swiss Laboratory Skincare are also under their leadership and care.  I was given the chance via a gifted bottle to smell the new release within the Gold Collection, Shining Moon.  Here is a departure from Gianluca’s previous signature of taking a raw material and featuring it within the perfume formula.  With  Perris Monte Carlo Shining Moon we have a mood, a moment, a sensation captured and it is done beautifully. Its modern and very chic, with the Perris refinement exuding every moment.  It is a luminosity, not of bright, solar intent but that luminosity that girds all it touches with a moment of grace.  That light within the darkness that gifts us a different perspective, it is perhaps a perfume for these times, a perfume of reflection and tender humanity.  It contains a fragility but also an enduring certainty.  I feel a calm and yes, I shall use the word, serene grace in its wearing. Just beautiful.  Perfumer – Gianluca Perris.

Musicology Perfumes

 Musicology by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

Always wonderful to see Fabien Boukobza of Musicology.  A brand that takes the link with music and perfume, the two strands weaving us together.  Famous music that immediately transports us and brings us to the edges of collective and personal memory. I was always smitten by Lenny Kravitz, (still am if truth be told) and so ‘I belong to you’ was an instant hit. Fly me to the Oud and Close to Midnight too.  I was able to smell three new additions to the collection, however they are ‘under wraps’ for now, but I can tell you they are surprising. All the collection by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson.

Whilst with Fabien I was introduced Mohammed Al-Sowaidi, founder and creator of Reine de Saba, a collection of perfumes encapsulating the life and story of The Queen of Sheba. Mohammed had collaborated with renowned Perfume Historian, Writer and Archaeologist Annick Le Guerer and each one of this impressive collection was bought to life with a different highly renowned perfumer. I have yet to explore the samples kindly gifted to me by Mohammed but my first impressions are high. An exciting encounter.

House of Helios perfumes

House of Helios Collection – by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

A brand new, simply discovered by word of mouth at 202023 Cannes was House of Helios, Nayton Cutiho and Romain Sanchez took me on an in-depth voyage of this new house. Inspired by the archetypes of the Enneagram, the first collection is called EnneaKind, a guiding premise of House of Helios is emotional wellbeing and as Nayton expressed so deeply, we are as a society undergoing a loss of wellbeing, our emotions are constantly bombarded and so much of what we took for granted has shifted like quicksand beneath our feet. Using scent as a tool to bring to each individual a balance and based on the theory that we are all a certain type and also have an Ennaegram number that we implicitly need in order to regain an equilibrium. Certainly, after going through the collection, I seemed to pick out one that was clearly my personality and the other that perhaps I needed. It’s an interesting concept and was well researched and presented and builds upon the foundations of ancient uses for perfumery, that of healing and of changing the mood, things we have utilized for centuries now being bought into the 21st century.

Gianluca Zin - Venezia1920 and Roberto Dario - Perfumer

Gianluca Zin – Venezia 1920 and Roberto Dario – Perfumer by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

We enjoyed a meeting with Gianluca Zin, Venezia 1920 and Roberto Dario Perfumer, a catch up amongst friends and return trip with the three latest releases, Harry’s, Peggy and Mosaic. The collection is an encapsulation of Venice and all her myriad, ever-changing masquerades, rich and varied.   All three are exceptional and I was pleased to hear of the brands success and ongoing rise. It is well deserved and merited. A wonderful evening of conversation and laughter at dinner together ensued over wine and paella with meaningful conversations around life, philosophy, modern times and technology. Their friendship is precious.

Opening Party Atelier Des Ors 2023 in Cannes

Opening rooftop party – Atelier des Ors – Jean-Philippe Clermont, Sarah Colton and Danu, Thierry Bernard -Parfumeurs du Monde, Angelos Balamis – Angelos Creations Olfactives, by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

I am always appreciative of the invitations I personally receive as Profumiscribe to the events curated by our friend Jean-Philippe Clermont and his team at Atelier des Ors, and this year was no exception. A wonderful evening welcome party held on the rooftop terrace of the Mondrian Hotel in Cannes. These events are an opportunity to share time together with friends and colleagues that often we only see in passing moments at perfume fairs. These rare opportunities to mix and mingle are important as we are a kind of family, moments to relax together. Never in my life did I imagine to be drinking champagne on a rooftop in Cannes, life is extremely wonderful and we should never forget our blessings. Other brands represented there included Les Bains Guerbois, Miller et Bertaux, and Olfactive Studio. The other event organized by Atelier des Ors was an evening workshop once again overlooking the sea and La Croisette from the terrace combining the arts of wine and perfume, ah so this was just my thing as an ex-winemaker.

Wine Tasting and Perfume Event Atelier des Ors

Wine and Perfume event- Atelier des Ors -Presenters Claire and Brigitte with Laetitia from Atelier des Ors, Angelos Balamis, Daria and Nadja, Sarah Colton, Danu and Rahul Agarwal. by Danu Seith-Fyr @ 2023 Cannes

At Cannes 2023 we were treated to a wonderful presentation by Brigitte from Terroir and Sens and Claire from Passionez, guiding us through four different wines in a blind tasting that complemented with some of the components in Atelier des Ors perfumes.

This was a great introduction to the kind of experiences we can expect to discover at the brand-new headquarters of Atelier des Ors, in a newly renovated villa, high on the hills of Grasse. Here Jean- Philippe and his team will welcome business associates, press and friends and also conduct immersive experiences. We look forward to sharing many more. Congratulations to you all and a special thanks to Laetitia for her organization and continued connection.

A funny aside to finish, amazing the people, you bump into on random street corners and end up in deep philosophical, existential conversations with – Etienne de Swardt from Etat Libre d’Orange. That’s why I love Cannes…….

I wish to extend my gratitude to all the brands that welcomed me at Cannes 2023 and to all the little big perfume family…  All words are my own, all photographs are mine.

Danu Seith-Fyr, Contributor


Lune Feline Atelier des Ors

Lune Feline – Atelier Des Ors website

Thanks to the generosity of Atelier des Ors and Jean-Philippe Clermont we have a 100ml bottle of Lune Feline for a reader Worldwide except Australia, Bahrain, Canary Islands, Belarus, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine and Brazil.  You must register or your entry will not count. To be eligible, please leave a comment saying what sparks your interest based on Danu’s Part 2 Overview from Cannes 2023 and where you live. Draw closes 10/31/2023

Atelier Des Ors Lune Feline notes: cardamom, cinnamon, pink pepper, ambergris, woodsy notes, styrax, cedar, green notes, Tahitian vanilla, Peru balsam, musk

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