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Indie natural line Aftelier has launched Hey Jude, a new rose fragrance.

Of the over one hundred roses that I grow in my garden the one with the most intoxicating scent is the David Austin rose Jude the Obscure. With its quietly elegant blossoms the color of clotted cream and its endlessly unfolding cup-shaped petals, Jude exhales a peachy rose fragrance with an under-current of sheer clean musk. I created Hey Jude, an exquisite fruity rose, using my Jude the Obscure rose for inspiration. The foundation of this luscious peachy fragrance of both Jude the Obscure rose and Hey Jude perfume are musky aromas.

My dear friend and student, the late Ross Urerre, the talented incense maker, left me his vintage musk tincture. Ross loved visiting my roses and I was pleased to use his musk in this perfume. Something I had read about in antique perfume books but had never done before: I used all three historical animalics together – musk, civet, and ambergris. I was amazed at the elegant synergistic way that all three together made the rose shimmer.

Additional notes include bergamot, mandarin, apricot and peach.

Aftelier Hey Jude is available in 2 ($55) or 8 ($210) ml Parfum, or 30 ($210) ml Eau de Parfum. The 6 ml Silver Flask is $300.

(via press release)

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