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 Aether Arts Perfume Midnight Sugar art courtesy of the brand

Sneaking out to with friends at 16 years old to see Bo Diddley with his famous box guitar live in concert was the first of many musical highlights in my life. I’ve been lucky to see amazing rock, classical, jazz, and many other fabulous musical events. My husband and I have already taken our young son to his first Lollapalooza festival. Both music and perfume are ways of transforming and ornamenting time. I recently experienced a wonderful fragrance that explores this synergy: Aether Arts Midnight Sugar by-award winning artisan perfumer Amber Jobin.

Amber Jobin, Aether Arts Perfumes 

Artisan Perfumer Amber Jobin of Aether Arts Perfume

 Amber Jobin created Aether Arts Perfume Midnight Sugar after being inspired by her favorite, private, after-hours music club called the SugarKube. According to Amber, the venue didn’t open until 11pm and the party went on until 6am the next morning. With a legendary sound system and a tight-knit community of serious music lovers, if the beat didn’t keep you on your feet, there was always plenty of coffee and smokes. Midnight Sugar recreates this happening ambiance and is perfect for all of your late-night rendezvous or when you just want to find your sweet spot.

Midnight Sugar by Amber Jobin

Aether Arts Perfume Midnight Sugar inspired by her experience at the Sugarkube in Colorado, courtesy of the brand

Midnight Sugar opens with a crisp Meyer lemon rind whose energetic lift starts the night off on a high. Dark sugar brings gourmand sweetness to the fragrance, hitting just the right balance of dynamic sugariness. The black coffee note is fabulous in this fragrance. It adds an adult aspect to the blend that is welcome and sustaining. Tobacco adds nuance and complexity to the blend with aspects of hay, almond, and a touch of animalic sweetness.

Aether Arts Perfume Midnight Sugar dries down with a soft rounded sandalwood, smoky vetiver, and earthy oud accord. The sweet-soft and expansive dry down of this fragrance is a wonderful portrait of the best parts of a great musical experience. When one’s consciousness is dispersed in the music and you feel at one with others sharing the experience, it is a sublime moment of emotion and art. Midnight Sugar approaches this floating feeling in its dry down with airiness of smoky vetiver, cushion of luxurious sandalwood, and earthy-body connection of oud. For music-lovers out there, this is a joyful fragrance experience!

Note from Aether Arts Perfume: “Aether Arts Perfumes are at Extrait/Perfume Strength in a voile format (sprayable oil) and available in both sprays and roller style bottles.”

Notes: Meyer Lemon Rind, Dark Sugar, Black Coffee and Tobacco Accord, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Oud Accord

Disclaimer: I was gifted a bottle of Midnight Sugar perfume, opinions my own

Rachel K. Ng, Senior Contributor

Midnight Sugar by Aether arts perfume

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