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In 2019, the jewelry market around the world was worth $330 billion. Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself through quality jewelry?

Investing in quality designer necklaces is the perfect way to show off your personal style. Not only do these pieces look beautiful, but they will also last longer than cheap fast fashion items. Plus, there’s something extra special about investing in an item that was made with attention and care – it adds a level of luxury to any outfit! 

A quality designer necklace is a timeless piece. It’s made with excellent craftsmanship and materials. They keep their value better over time because they can be handed down from generation to generation or even resold at a later date.

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of investing in high-quality women’s jewelry. Read on to find out more.

Jewelry can be more than just an accessory – it can also be a great way to invest. The best jewelry for this is called “fine jewelry”. To make sure that you get the right value, you need to learn how to identify fine jewelry and understand what makes it valuable.

Fine jewelry for women is made from expensive metals like gold, sterling silver, and platinum. It also features real gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. This type of jewelry is very valuable and keeps its vibrance for years to come. All women should invest in a few timeless pieces!

It’s Durable and Long-Lasting

Fine jewelry is crafted from the highest quality gems and metals, making it a reliable investment that can last for generations.

It won’t corrode or tarnish like lesser materials, nor will it break down easily. So you have an extraordinary piece of jewelry that stands unaltered over time. A high-quality gold necklace design will last the test of time, and can even be transferred to your descendants as a treasured heirloom!

The resale value of fine jewels never decreases either; no matter how much time has passed since their purchase, they still retain their worth throughout the ages.

It’s Customizable

For the fashion-forward individual, fine jewelry is a must-have. Investing in these timeless pieces allows you to shape and form them according to the current trends in necklace designs. This will provide you with years of wearable style.

Fine jewelry will withstand the test of time – all it takes for your collection to remain up-to-date is occasional customization!

Build a Timeless Collection

You can create a fashionable collection by looking for pieces that you like and that go together. When you find items that work with each other, buy them so your collection will look great.

Investing in the highest quality jewelry items, such as those made from 18-carat gold, is a smart decision that will pay off for years to come. Not only can these pieces be used to dress up or relax an outfit but they also make for fantastic heirloom investments. With stylish and durable jewelry like this, building a beautiful collection is easy.

In addition to this, collecting things is fun! Some popular collections include Swiss-made watches or jewelry made by renowned designers (such as Louis Vuitton’s Dentelle de Monogram line).

There’s nothing quite like seeing another collector flaunting an especially desirable piece and feeling the impulse to share their enthusiasm. Collecting heirloom jewelry items is just as exhilarating as birdwatching or noticing extraordinary vintage cars!

It’s an Investment You Get To Wear

Not only should you wear it, but jewelry is meant to bring joy while also increasing in value! Who doesn’t love wearing a stunning statement necklace or an exclusive timepiece? Investing in these pieces is not only fashionable – they’re financially beneficial too.

Unlike other assets, like a home, or stocks, jewelry is an investment that should bring pleasure as well as retain or grow in value. Even with precious, rare pieces, they ought to be worn and enjoyed – just remember to take them for a deep clean and inspection at the jeweler afterward!

They Are Versatile

When it comes to fine jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Not just necklaces and earrings – you can have access to anklets, bracelets, and rings. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Fine jewelry is a step away from fashion jewelry as you can get beautifully crafted pieces that match your size and taste.

Financial Benefits

It may not seem like it at first, but buying jewelry that is more expensive and of higher quality can actually be helpful in the future. High-quality pieces hold their value.

Even if you don’t want to sell your favorite rings and necklaces, having nice jewelry could help you get money if you ever need it later. You can either sell it to a shopper or a jewelry store. This could be a great way to get extra cash when you need it.

Furthermore, the materials used to make jewelry can be worth a lot of money. Owners sometimes invest in these materials because they can keep their value. Even if the jewelry is not popular anymore, you can still use the materials for other things.

Investing in precious metals and gemstones is a good way to protect your money when the market goes up and down. Buy jewelry made of these materials that you know will always be worth something.

They Can Mark a Big Occasion

We don’t typically purchase diamond-studded watches or rings adorned with precious stones on a whim, yet we certainly support it! However, you can honor the good memories of your life with quality jewelry.

Investing in jewelry to commemorate life’s milestones and accomplishments such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and graduations serve as an excellent symbol that celebrates extra special occasions.

They Are the Perfect Gift for Yourself

If you can spare time and think for those around you, why not do the same for yourself? After all, your accomplishments should be celebrated too.

As a way to commemorate these moments of success, surprising yourself with jewelry makes perfect sense. Not only will it provide long-term value, but also allow you to enjoy an exquisite keepsake in the present moment!

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If you’re seeking long-lasting pieces, the purity of metal (24k gold or 950 silver) might not be your top priority; however, if it is, then the higher-grade metals are more precious and valuable.

Silver is naturally highly malleable and ductile, yet the higher its purity levels (950 or 999) are, the softer it becomes! Beware of retailers who claim their products to be 950+ because such a high percentage does not equate with increased durability. For truly impeccably-crafted silver jewelry pieces, opt for 925 parts silver combined with another alloy.

Silver, when alloyed with various elements and metals, becomes the perfect balance of durability and workability for jewelry.

Likewise, 24k gold is exceptionally malleable which may make it too soft to use in crafts or jewelry that require a higher resistance to scratches or dents; however, it offers an unbeatable value based on its purity.


Plated jewelry is an enormous business driven by the world’s largest jeweler, Pandora. This process involves coating a piece of jewelry with gold (yellow, white, or rose).

Typically 10k, 12k, 14k, or 18K and it has been made iconic through materials like sterling silver .925 that Pandora uses in their signature pink pieces.

But be aware. Plated jewelry is cheaper than solid metal jewelry. It also looks like it is made of precious metal, but it costs less so won’t always hold its value.

Although gold-plated jewelry may appear to be a wise investment, it is important to note that the color can fade over time. The best bet to preserve your piece for longevity is to invest in sterling silver .925 – this way you can easily restore its original luster with a fresh coat of gold!

Whenever you’re shopping for jewelry, always be wary of marketing campaigns that advertise items with ambiguous descriptions such as “14K”. This level of vagueness is often used to deceive shoppers.

If the price seems too good to be true, it’s likely because a piece of jewelry is plated or being resold. Be sure to ask questions and read reviews before making any purchases!

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Fine designer necklaces are a great way to invest in yourself and show off your personal style. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also last longer than fast fashion items, making them an excellent investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for something timeless or trendy, designer necklaces offer the perfect combination of luxury and affordability. With so many options available, go ahead and start building up your collection of designer necklaces now. Visit our store today to find a piece you love.

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