The most beautiful vegetable jewelry in the world

Jewelry designers reach to the sky and back to come up with great designs. And sometimes it brings them to turn things that we consume on a daily basis into fabulous jewelry. For health freaks and lovers of whimsical, here is the most beautiful vegetable jewelry of this planet!

 Both pieces are by Jewellery Theatre, a Russian brand known for its stunning nature-inspired jewelry and in the middle is an antique Victorian piece.

Beautiful jewelry as a reminder

Are you eating your daily dose of 200gr vegetables? I try so hard, but I have to admit; I am not. Not because I don’t like veggies, but the rest of my family aren’t such fans. We all know, however, how good they are for our health and body. I wonder; would wearing it, in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry, help at all to appreciate it more? Or perhaps as a token, or a kind reminder? 😉

Vegetable Jewellery JAR Lorenz Baumer DeGrisogono

A radish by the fabulous JAR, a leek by one of my most beloved French jewelry designers: Lorenz Baumer and  beautiful eggplants by de Grisogono

Realistic looking vegetable jewelry

Most people will agree that this yummy jewelry for health freaks looks absolutely stunning. It’s gorgeous in all its details, and just like a realistic painting, there is not much room for mistakes. People are familiar with the looks and the form of the object.
So anything that isn’t just perfect is detectable and pops out immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are a connoisseur of fine jewelry or not. Details, measure, composition, we know it all too well. Referring to the world of painters once more, one goes big by creating something realistic yet out of proportions, or one imitates reality as closely as possible.

Vegetable Jewellery Mushrooms MauboussinH.SternHemmerle Andre Marcha

Hemmerle mushroom, H. Stern from the Alice in Wonderland collection, a stunning mushroom in a very different style available on 1st Dibs by an unknown artist, Mauboussin also created a shiny gorgeous mushroom brooch and the bracelet is full of mushroom by the Lebanese jewelry designer Andre Marcha

Vegetable Verdura Pomegranade

Verdura created this table piece……a pomegranate containing ruby, pink tourmaline, citrine, garnets and diamonds 

Vegetable jewelry, a beloved theme

When I started to select jewelry for this blog, I came across many pieces of jewelry. First of all, you need to know that most of the jewelry presented in this blog is one of a kind pieces. They are made by artists who are internationally recognized for their skills and their designs. Unique and therefore often also collectibles.
Many pieces didn’t grasp that ”wow” feeling at all, some were ugly ( in my opinion), while still being made in gold and diamonds. I also would like to mention that this theme of healthy fine vegetable jewelry isn’t something that we invented today. It’s been around for a long time, and that means that there is a world of novelty vintage jewelry out there. If you do like the subject, I would advise you to check out auctions, sites, and retailers that sell this kind of jewelry.

Vegetable Jewelry andre marcha

Pepper ring and pendant by Andre Marcha

Vegetable Royal Asscher

Royal Asscher: a pomegranate ring

get Inspired and celebrate jewelry design

And last but not least, this blog and the jewelry it contains is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of jewelry design. Maybe by looking at these gorgeous pieces, you feel more inspired to dare something different, the next time you are looking at jewelry. And listen; on Etsy or in fashion jewelry there is a lot of choices too. My advice is to look at the quality for your money, whatever the budget and to go for either genuinely realistic and well made or funny, whimsical, artistically out of proportion. Trust your own eyes, and you will see the differences between beautiful and -not so much- design too!

 Vegetable Jewelry Danya Karl Lagerfeld

That ring is whimsical! Popcorn by Danya and a vintage brooch by Karl Lagerfeld 

Vegetable Jewelry Hemmerle

Hemmerle presented this collection some years ago and to me it is still one of the most beautiful collections of this brand ever

Vegetable Jewelry Michelle Ong

Michelle Ong

Vegetable Jewelry Michelle OngPear

Michelle Ong, the details!

Vegetable Piaget watermelon

Watermelon ring by Piaget, it looks so fresh!

Vegetable Jewelry Pine Verdura Nora Rochel

Technically not a vegetable but nonetheless: Verdura and ring by Nora Rochel 


JAR asparagus, cherries by Andre Marcha and a delicious bracelet by Lorenz Baumer

Vegetable Jewelry Master Exclusive Jewellery Theatre

The first two pieces are by Master Exclusive and the apple is by Jewellery Theatre

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