The Intersection of Travel, Creativity, and Sustainability in Contemporary Jewellery

Welcome to a world where travel meets creativity, and sustainability is more than a buzzword. Today, we delve into the captivating story of Latitude Jewelry, a contemporary Brazilian fine jewelry brand that intertwines the love of adventure with the finesse of jewelry design.

Gabriela Rodrigues, the CEO and heart behind Latitude Jewelry, has a narrative that’s as unique as her creations. Born in Brazil to an air traffic controller mother, Gabriela’s early fascination with aviation and travel significantly shaped her life and career. Gabriela’s journey from fashion design to air traffic control is a testament to her versatile talents and unyielding passion.

Launched in 2019, Latitude Jewelry is not just a brand but a culmination of Gabriela’s diverse experiences and boundless love for travel. This fine jewelry brand is characterized by its Brazilian heritage, vibrant colors, and bold designs. Every piece is a collectible inspired by Gabriela’s memories and experiences from around the globe.

The Around The World range, Latitude’s signature collection, showcases world pendants crafted in 18k gold, set against various precious stones like Lápis Lazuli and Smoky Quartz. This collection is a tribute to the beauty of our planet, blending artistry with the spirit of adventure.

Tapping into the latest trend of mixed metals, the Greater Love of the World locket embodies versatility and elegance. Available in white gold, sterling silver, and an array of gold shades, this locket is a testament to Gabriela’s innovative approach to jewelry design.

Gabriela’s background as an air traffic controller has significantly influenced her approach to jewelry design. The precision, focus, and ability to think ahead, honed during her aviation career, now translate into her meticulous jewelry creations.

As Gabriela candidly shares, running a jewelry business is not without its challenges. The journey is filled with ups and downs, especially regarding the high marketing costs and establishing a luxury brand. Gabriela’s resilience and dedication shine through in her commitment to growing Latitude Jewelry.

Travel is more than a hobby for Gabriela; it’s a source of inspiration. Her designs reflect the histories, cultures, and experiences she has gathered from her travels. Each piece of jewelry tells a story, making it unique and personal.

For Gabriela, sustainability is not just a concept; it’s a practice. Latitude Jewelry is committed to using recycled gold, sourcing gemstones from certified suppliers, and opting for carbon-free shipping. Gabriela acknowledges sustainability challenges in the jewelry industry but remains steadfast in her commitment to the planet.

Gabriela’s day is as dynamic as her designs. Working primarily from home, her day involves managing customer orders, meeting suppliers, and strategizing with her marketing team. With a direct-to-consumer model through her website and marketplaces, Gabriela is hands-on in every aspect of her business.

Social media plays a crucial role in brand building in today’s digital era. Gabriela recognizes the power of platforms like Instagram in reaching clients and creating a desirable brand image. Gabriela envisions Latitude Jewelry becoming a global name, synonymous with travel-inspired, bold, and unique jewelry.

Under Gabriela’s visionary leadership, Latitude Jewelry is more than just a jewelry brand. It’s a celebration of the world’s beauty, the thrill of exploration, and a commitment to sustainability. For Gabriela, every piece of jewelry is not just an accessory; it’s a story, an experience, and a piece of the world you can carry with you.


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