Navigating VicenzaOro 2023 – A Journey Full of Surprises

I recently attended VicenzaOro in September 2023 and couldn’t wait to share my experience with you. The show has evolved, and there are some remarkable stories to tell. So, please grab a cup of your favorite beverage and dive into my journey at VicenzaOro!

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: getting to VicenzaOro this year was an adventure. The uncertainties of air travel these days have us all on our toes. From lost suitcases to airport chaos, last year’s travel woes still lingered in our memories. This year, the dreaded strikes threatened to disrupt our plans. My flight was canceled just 24 hours before departure, but here’s where VicenzaOro shone.

Emma Onisto, one of the fantastic team members from the VicenzaOro travel agency, stepped in and worked her magic. Within an hour, I had a new flight from Bologna Airport and a driver ready to whisk me to my Vicenza hotel. This level of support truly exemplifies the attention to detail and customer care that VicenzaOro offers.

Before we even set foot on the show floor, we, as attendees, go through a series of preparations, arrangements, and expectations.  We pack our suitcases, arrange things with colleagues and family, we drive to airports or take a train, and we are all away from home, often for more than one night. The VicenzaOro team, often affectionately called the “Golden Team,” understands our challenges just to be there. They appreciate our dedication, and my experience was a testament to this.

This year, VicenzaOro’s mood differed from the past two editions. After the pandemic, the previous shows felt almost like celebrations, with a surge in spending power and a newfound love for jewelry. Even during the pandemic, the jewelry business blossomed as people reconnected with each other and cherished jewelry in new ways.

This time, the show returned to its regular rhythm: a relaxed Friday, a busier Saturday, and a bustling Sunday and Monday as visitors flooded in for shopping and inspiration.

Unfortunately, I missed the Friday opening and social tour, but I spent a delightful evening with peers in a gorgeous hotel garden overlooking Vicenza. We chatted about Paola de Luca’s press presentation showcasing the fabulous Trendbook 2025. Trust me; it’s a must-see.

I finally set foot on the show floor on Saturday, and walking into Hall 7 at the main entrance always feels like stepping onto a grand stage. Lights, camera, action!

One of the show’s highlights was the official presentation of the Trendbook 2025 by Trendvision, founded by Paola de Luca and today officially part of the Italian Exhibition Group (the organization behind VicenzaOro). Paola’s approach has evolved over the years, From offering literal indications of jewelry design directions to providing a broader perspective on future trends. Trends are a response to what we see today in fashion and jewelry, plus everything happening economically, artistically, and culturally (in short). Predicting future trends is based on global observations on many different levels. All that information is poured into a mix that spits out ideas about what the near future will offer and what the market will request from the jewelry industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a prominent theme this year. Paola emphasized the need to embrace AI, transforming the presentation of jewelry from just a catalog to a source of inspiration. The world of AI enables jewelry companies, content creators, and retailers to craft inspirational worlds like never before.

Panel Discussions and A Thought on AI

The discussions on AI at VicenzaOro extended to the CIBJO agenda. A panel discussion shed light on the rise of AI in the jewelry industry. While AI may make some jobs obsolete, it also creates new opportunities that require knowledge of the technology. Balancing these aspects will be crucial for our industry’s future.

With so much happening between talks and networking, visiting all the exhibitors is a challenge (and simply impossible). However, I explored the Asian aisle this time, too, and discovered some remarkable companies. Their unbranded booths may not scream for attention, but the quality and variety of their jewelry left me stunned. Some have over 7,000 employees in different countries, catering to many international brands and clients.

Hall 7: Where Magic Happens

Hall 7 is a favorite among my peers, featuring the Design Room with the huggable Alessio Boschi’s captivating creations and designs from smaller companies. I love the Design Room, where smaller companies offer beautiful and often very original pieces of jewelry without perhaps having the power of a famous name (yet).

Moreover, the emphasis on gemstone quality, especially in high-end brands, caught my eye in many booths in Hall 7.


Now, let’s talk trends, shall we? People often ask me what’s hot and what’s not. Here’s what I observed:


Jewelry Trends

Trend Description
Color Color continues to reign supreme, from alloys to enamel and, of course, gemstones.
Chunky Chains and Clasps Big chains and chunky clasps made a bold statement.
Layering and Stacking Layering and stacking remained popular techniques.
Letters and Symbols Personalization through letters and symbols was all the rage.
Cultural Heritage Pride Traditional elements in contemporary designs were a hit.
Lab-Grown Lab-grown jewelry made a significant presence.

Pearls – The Timeless Elegance for Everyone

Ah, pearls – the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. We’ve heard whispers about pearls making a comeback for a while now, and it’s not just wishful thinking. While it might surprise some, pearls are quietly, yet confidently, breaking gender norms and becoming a hit with men and enthusiasts of gender-fluid jewelry.

You might think, “Do men really wear pearls?” The answer is yes! While it’s true that men wearing strings of pearls might not be an everyday sight, a growing group of individuals appreciate the subtle luxury and unique charm of pearls. It’s all about personal style and self-expression.

Embracing Genderfluid Jewelry – Breaking Boundaries with Bling

Speaking of personal style, let’s dive into the exciting world of gender-fluid jewelry. The jewelry industry is no stranger to change, and one of the most exhilarating shifts is the acceptance and celebration of gender-fluid designs.

Picture this: your very heterosexual teenage son proudly rocking black nail polish. In today’s world, he’s not alone. Despite not having the spending power of their older counterparts, the younger generation is boldly exploring fashion and silver jewelry that transcends traditional gender boundaries.

It’s not just about who they’ll become tomorrow but about how they shape today’s jewelry landscape by influencing their parents’ spending. So, whether you’re a designer, retailer, or enthusiast, keep an eye on this dynamic and evolving trend.

Personalization – Wear Your Story

Let’s talk about something that always stays in style: personalization. It’s not just a trend; it’s a movement. The desire to wear jewelry that tells a personal story is stronger than ever. Letters, calligraphy, and symbolism are taking center stage in jewelry design. Pride of cultural heritage is often mixed with foreign tastes and experiences. 

Imagine wearing a necklace with your initials, a cherished word, or a symbol with profound meaning. That’s the magic of personalized jewelry – it’s a wearable piece of your unique narrative. As professionals in the jewelry industry, understanding the power of personalization can be a game-changer in connecting with your customers.

Nature’s Beauty – An Eternal Muse

Nature has always been a boundless source of inspiration for jewelry designers. Each element of nature offers a rich tapestry of ideas, from delicate flowers to majestic animals. While butterflies had their moment in the spotlight, the allure of animals and nature-inspired jewelry remains as captivating as ever.

In a world increasingly attuned to climate activism and the importance of biodiversity, designers are enchanting us with fresh interpretations of nature’s beauty. These designs resonate with our love for the environment and remind us of our planet’s incredible diversity of life.

As we wrap up our journey through VicenzaOro 2023, it’s evident that the jewelry industry is ever-evolving, embracing new trends and breaking down old barriers. The show’s impressive 6% growth in visitors demonstrates the enduring allure of jewelry.

While the road ahead may present challenges in the form of economic uncertainties and shifting market dynamics, the power of VicenzaOro lies in its adaptability and relevance. It continues to provide a welcoming platform for all jewelry professionals, where innovation and tradition coexist harmoniously.

So, here’s to the shimmering possibilities that await us in the world of jewelry – a world where AI, pearls, genderfluid designs, personalization, and nature’s beauty and all jewelry and gemstones converge to create a vibrant tapestry of creativity and craftsmanship. Cheers to the future of jewelry!




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