Jewels by Marthje offers stunning jewelry and unique opportunities!


 Sometimes I meet people that blow me away, and I want to share that with my readers first! Especially when the brand has something unique to offer. 

Jewels by Marthje was created by Marthje, a Dutch entrepreneur who became a jewelry designer and started her signature jewelry style. 

Marthje grew up in the beautiful city of Maastricht, the daughter of two artists. Unsurprisingly, she went to art school herself, but instead of becoming an artist, Marthje leaped into the business world of ICT and had a successful career. In her own words,” Twenty-five years in business brought me loads! Pleasure, knowledge, and yes, a great life for myself and my family.”


Yet, in 2012, she went on a trip to Italy with her sister, where she rediscovered the beauty of gemstones. Fascinated, she came home and created a pair of earrings using gemstones.

Serendipity; friends who came over for lunch got all excited about her earrings and pushed her to reembark on a journey of creativity. Earrings by Marthje was born, and one of the proudest moments was discovering that Queen Maxima (The Dutch Queen) wore her earrings!

The influence of famous people wearing a jewel is priceless, and needless to say that Marthje initially expected her brand to be picked up right away. But such is the world of social media today; there is abundant information and inspiration. It takes more than a photo of the royal family wearing your jewelry to gain instant national recognition. But it was a start, and soon after, Marthje changed the name of her brand to Jewels by Marthje as she expanded her lovely collection of jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Slowly but surely, she grew her business, and now she serves her fans from all over the globe. 

I found it astonishing that Marthje isn’t just the designer and the entrepreneur; she also adores making jewelry by hand in her stunning atelier. And she does it all herself!

Marthje uses all kinds of stones; one of the dangers, especially for earrings, is the combined weight. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy wearing earrings that feel like tearing my lobe. Marthje laughs when she hears me saying this and assures me that she hates that too. 

“My earrings come in different weights but are comfortable to wear throughout the day”.

“On every holiday, I searched for earrings to buy for myself. I seemed to be finding special ones only abroad”, she says, “Earrings do something to a face and enhance the outfit and colors you wear.” True! 

Earrings can bring sparkle to one’s face or to color. As we are drawn to faces, earrings will always stand out; like many, Marthje adored playing with them. For her, it was a way to express herself. 

Marthje Timmermans noticed a gap in the market. There was little else between the cheaply produced brands and the more expensive ones sold by jewelry retailers. No variety, no excitement. Apart from some goldsmiths creating small collections, there wasn’t a single brand out there that had the following traits: well-made, affordable, one-of-a-kind, and with an easily recognizable strong signature. 

Marthje leaped into that gap and created THAT brand herself. And the result is fantastic, dear jewelry lovers! She created a strong signature brand that is ready to expand even further.

Marthje’s showroom is situated in a gorgeous old monastery in Oegstgeest, near Leiden (a short 45 minutes by car from Amsterdam). Here she receives her private clients but also retailers. 

Yes, retailers, because her collections offer a massive opportunity for them! Why? 

  • Jewelry retailers can either buy a selected collection of Jewels by Marthje. Offer their clients something affordable, made in the Netherlands, and with a reliable after-sales service.
  • Uniquely: Marthje offers jewelry retailers the possibility to order custom-made color combinations and designs.
  • Delivery time: within two weeks! 
  • Furthermore, instead of branding it as Jewels by Marthje, she allows them to call the collection; “Marthje by …(name of the jeweler/retailer)”. 
  • One-of-a-kind pieces. ALL jewelry, all the earrings, are one-of-a-kind pieces!

That kind of approach, the out-of-the-box, doing things far more personal and on her own terms, sets the person behind the brand apart from so many others. 

When a collection is visibly striking and performs well in photos, it’s tempting for stylists and celebrities alike to wear it, especially for a public or photo opportunity! Brigitte Kramer is one such stylist, working with Dutch stars. “She helped me get my jewelry in glossy magazines,” Marthje says.

The side effect of seeing celebrities and members of the royal family wearing Marthje’s earrings is that it becomes easily recognizable. This creates demand, and her fans love her style so much that they even call out the magazine if they misplaced the brand name. 

“What I love is that they tell me how they adore the jewelry and the brand,” says Marthje with that lovely mix of modesty and pride. 

“They tell me that they love my service and the promises made are always kept. And I give them quality. This solves a problem for them; they know their customers will be happy with the jewelry.”

Inhous-EventsMarthje collaborates with retailers by hosting events in-store. She’ll create her jewelry on the spot! Customers and staff can interact with Marthje while she creates her jewelry live in front of them. 

”There are many young customers, but the absolute peak demographic group is women between 30 and 60+ from all places around the world who love life! Enjoying going out with family and friends, food, dinners, dressing up, or dressing the part. 

Yet, also businesswomen who love to express themselves through what they wear. With a strong sense of self, who they are, and what goals they want to achieve in life.” says Marthje.

And it’s true; her clients LOVE that all of Marthje’s pieces are unique. 

Marthje calls in Eefje, her daughter, and shares with us that her company will become more and more of a mother/daughter business. “Even my husband is participating in the company,” she smiles. ”Currently, Eefje focuses on social media, but she will one day be the leading lady within the company,” assures Marthje.

“Eefje will also develop a collection for young people, where I will focus more on production.” 

Starting a business later in life has its advantages. We know our passions better than when we were young and are less scared to start something new and understand ourselves better. 

Often the combination of joy in doing something we love, our family, and our social life gives us an incredible feeling of doing the right thing. For Marthje, this is precisely what she sought and found in starting her own business, even if it means working very hard occasionally. Introducing her daughter into the company and creating something to work together on is like a dream.

First of all, the person behind the brand is absolutely gorgeous. A no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point kind of woman with a broad smile and confident personality. Marthje is a beautiful woman with a great work ethic who gets a kick out of seeing women wearing her earrings and how happy it makes them! 

”People say to each other: ‘Oh, are you wearing a Marthje,’ and when I hear that, my heart jumps!” she told me with a happy smile. 

I love to see what moves people in their business and what moves them in their creative force. Marthje’s intelligence, life experience, creative vision, and long-term commitment shine through everything she says and does. This is a beautiful brand and a serious business.

Why do I also love her jewelry so much?

What I miss in jewelry is that kind of jewelry that is affordable but well-made with a vision and imagination behind the collection. I want earrings to be wearable, and as I have long hair, I want them to show, shine, and do something special to my appearance. I avoided wearing stones other than the usual gemstones in earrings as I could not bear to wear heavy earrings. They usually give me a headache. And here are Jewels by Marthje, offering a unique combination of style, color, and quality and lighter than I expected. (although it depends on what you are used to)

What I ALSO love is that each piece of jewelry is unique. No two pairs are the same!  

  • For jewelry retailers, wherever you are, I see this brand as the one you were missing and looking for. Jewels by Marthje offers something you can wholeheartedly sell to your beloved customers and KNOW you make them happy. Quality, style, and the service behind the brand will guarantee that.
  • For you, the jewelry lover who loves a great pair of earrings or another piece of bold and bright jewelry, Jewels by Marthje is a discovery! 

* Please check out their Instagram page and website for brand ambassadors and celebrities wearing Jewels by Marthje.

For retailers interested in collaborating with Marthje: 

For jewelry lovers who would like to browse or buy directly:






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