Craftsmanship and Creativity Unite: The Allure of VicenzaOro.

Picture a place where jewelry transcends mere adornment and embodies artistry, where tradition meets innovation in a symphony of elegance. Welcome to the lovely jewelry world of VicenzaOro – an unparalleled showcase of all things exquisite in jewelry. And not just that.

VicenzaOro, the most essential European jewelry show, is no ordinary trade show. VicenzaOro is a meticulously curated experience that unites craftsmanship, creativity, and inspiration under one roof. It’s where jewelry professionals gather to witness products and stories crafted with precision and passion.

You’ll find it all here: from semi-finished products and white labels to gemstones, packaging, and various relevant services. But VicenzaOro is also about jewelry brands and jaw-dropping jewelry designs. From big jewelry brands to small players, you’ll find it here.

What I love to do is hunt for emerging designers and emerging brands. Not just to admire their designs but to listen to their story, and in my head, I try to understand their position in the industry. Will they have a chance to stand out? There is no lack of jewelry in the world and no lack of brands, either. But genuinely good stories combined with jewelry; I see room for those brands! 

There is more than enough jewelry for any buyer and any specific need a buyer or retailer might have on the VicenzaOro trade show…

And yet, there’s more. Have you heard of VO Vintage (January edition only) and VO’Clock Privé (scroll down to learn more)? These extraordinary events delve into the intricate world of horology, where watches transcend their mechanical nature and become wearable works of art. It’s a chance to explore the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, where every tick holds a story. This is the only section open to the general public.

For those with an eye on the future, the Trendvision observatory is a compass pointing toward the pulsating heart of trends in the industry. With more than two decades of experience, it’s a guide that illuminates the path forward, keeping the jewelry world attuned to evolving tastes.

This year, Paola de Luca, the driving force behind this institute, will bring visitors to the fascinating world of AI. A world that I am exploring with childlike curiosity as well. Since the Chat GPT launch, we have been bombarded with AI left and right. The question is, how will this all help the jewelry professional? Will we see more people creating images, worlds, stories, and, indeed, jewelry with the aid of AI? How can jewelry professionals profit from this development? What are the risks, and what if you don’t want to use it at all? Will you miss out? Hopefully, Paola will answer some of these questions, but undoubtedly, her presentation will inspire you! 

The Museo del Gioiello Vicenza adds another layer of allure. Nestled in the heart of the city, it’s a cultural testament to the goldsmithing heritage of Italy. As you step into its halls, you’ll journey through time, witnessing the evolution of craftsmanship that has shaped generations. If you have the time, visit the gorgeous town of Vicenza! It is so lovely and vibrant. 

An excellent tip for the watch aficionados! This show is like an exquisite journey into the heart of watchmaking wonderland – VO’Clock Privé is a horological experience you won’t want to miss! From September 8th to 10th, 2023.

Imagine strolling into a luxurious lounge filled with the most coveted watch brands, the gentle hum of passionate conversations ( there is a different vibe than on the jewelry floor!), and the aura of horological elegance. VO’Clock Privé is not just an event; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and the bond between enthusiasts and timepieces.

For three extraordinary days, the visitor (professional and private) will be surrounded by watch brands’ crème de la crème. It’s not just about the watches themselves – it’s about the stories they tell, the precision they embody, and the dreams they represent. VO’Clock Privé is a treasure trove of horological diversity that will leave you in awe, from historic masterpieces to cutting-edge creations. As a watch-virgin 😉 I love to explore and have people pointing out the details I should observe. Watch people tend to be even more enthusiastic than the average jewelry lover. It’s a universe by itself. 

But wait, there’s more! This is different from your typical watch exhibition where you wander around. VO’Clock Privé is here to immerse visitors in watchmaking. Technical courses led by renowned institutes will unravel the mysteries of intricate mechanisms and designs, taking your appreciation for watches to a new level.

The crown jewels of this event are the FHH Classes. Are you ready to become a horology connoisseur? The “Watch Essential Class” is your golden ticket to understanding the heart and soul of watchmaking. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector, this class promises to ignite passion and deepen the connection with these incredible timekeeping marvels.

Get ready to uncover its secrets in the “Tourbillon Fascination” class. From its history to its mechanics, this class will take you on an exhilarating journey through one of the most captivating complications in haute horlogerie.


This is the gathering no jewelry professional should miss. And I mean this. It’s the celebration of Made in Italy, jewelry in all aspects and glory, but also THE place to network! Interact with jewelry creators, bloggers, trade organizations, and the World Jewellery Confederation, learn from each other, and exchange experiences with your peers. All while enjoying the hospitality and, let’s face it, excellent Italian coffee and food. Explore the many opportunities this show offers. And meet me somewhere in the middle of all this :-)))

So, will I see you at VICENZAORO? 


September 8th to 12th, 2023. Registration is easy








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