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There is a certain beauty that comes along with developing your style with jewelry pieces. With so many different options to pick from, it can also be an overwhelming choice. How does one know exactly what should be included in their collection? 

Accessorizing your wardrobe is a task that needs to be done carefully to make your statement accurate to the wearer. There needs to be comfort as well as sustainability. Jewelry for women comes with so many options that it may even seem overwhelming. 

If you’re in the market for new pieces that you can consider timeless additions to your collection, we have some advice. Follow along below to find out which classic pieces will enhance your look. 

When it comes to choosing a necklace, there are plenty of statement pieces in the world. There are chunky beads that stand out and bring out the color of your eyes. There are posh chokers that hand delicately or even showcase that long neck of yours. 

None of those statement pieces are as classic and timeless as a simple pendant necklace can be. 

When it comes to necklace trends, a woman should always have a simple pendant in her collection. These are the simple pieces that accent a clothing option without being over the top. These pieces can be dainty items that fit well with any outfit and any occasion. 

Roma Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Small studs in your ears are a great way to accent any outfit. Studs fit any style at any time. They can be a small little accent on a beautiful gown, or they could also be a detail that adds to a Friday coffee meeting with the boss. 

There is no rule or reason that stud earrings have to be worn at any particular time. They also come in many different styles and types so that all wearers can find a statement that they enjoy the most. 

When it comes to choosing stud earrings, look for what you like best. These small accent pieces can go a long way to showcase that timeless beauty of the beholder. Earrings for women are a fun piece that can be chosen to showcase any occasion. 

Oval Freshwater Pearl Necklace

One of the most timeless necklace trends is a string of pearls. Pearls are a beautiful and unique tradition that every woman should have in their arsenal. While pearls are simple, they are also a classic statement piece

Pearls can be an accent to a beautiful own or even just a string that is thrown on with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt to dress your clothing up a little bit. This is all dependent on how the wearer decides to style their pieces. 

A perk of pearls also happens to be that they come in many different types and colors. Due to the way pearls are made, no two pearl necklaces will ever be the same. Pearls are a beautiful and unique way to add an accent to any outfit. 

Confetti Bracelet (Silver)

Always have a tennis bracelet among your belongings. A simple tennis bracelet can be made of gold or silver. They can be stacked to make a statement or left single to be a simple staple piece as an accent to your chosen attire.  

Bracelets come in many different shapes or sizes. It is highly dependent on what the wearer chooses to put on to express themselves. When it comes to bracelets for women, the options are endless. 

Try to find the bracelet type that fits the look and aesthetic that you feel most comfortable with. When it comes to bracelets, it is all about meaning and personal preference. 

The Classic Watch

Just because many people now don smartwatches doesn’t mean that having a watch has gone out of style. A watch will always be more than just an item to tell time on. For years the watch has been a statement jewelry piece for the wearer. 

Choosing a watch depends on personal style and preference. Watches can be anywhere from bulky and bold, to thin and dainty. The style has plenty of options and choices that allow for self-expression. 

Select a watch as a statement piece or something more subdued that holds a spot of timeless elegance on your wrist. The options for watches are endless.

Roma Mother Of Pearl Signet Ring

One of the most enjoyable parts of any classic jewelry collection is the rings the collection includes. Rings come in an endless mass of options and styles. You have your choice of everything from gold and diamonds to fun jewelry that expresses a quirky and fun personality. 

Rings are a great way to make a statement or even just add a light sparkle to a simple outfit. Even choosing jewelry, be sure to pick a couple of simple rings that can be mixed and matched with the attire you choose to wear.

Wear rings that sparkle or others that are subdued. It all depends on what the little accents are that you’re looking to add to your overall outfit. 

Adjustable Milano Twist Chain + Brilliant CZ Pendant Set

While many different options make up your choices, you need to pick the pieces that are most indicative of your style. Finding jewelry for women is never hard, but finding the correct timeless jewelry can be the biggest struggle. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any other questions you might have. We want to see you with those looks that make you feel timeless and beautiful too. When you’ve decided which pieces you want to add to your collection, we’re ready to help you with the purchasing process.

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