40 STRAPPY SPRING SANDALS – Atlantic-Pacific

March 4, 2024

Sandal season is upon us! Whenever I post these Zara sandals I always get a flood of DMs asking where to buy them. Sadly they are old (however I do love these current strappy Zara sandals), so in lieu of linking them, I decided to spend a lot of time curating all my favorite strappy spring sandals for the upcoming season. I’ve created a mix of high and low and everything in between. In the coming months I personally won’t be investing in any strappy spring sandals that are $$$$, instead I went ahead and ordered these and these that I am hoping to love. On the luxury end of the spectrum I have been eyeing these, but I am worried they might be a bit too trendy for the high price point. As you know, it’s all about cost per wear for me!

There are so many incredible options available right now and it was difficult to narrow it down. Keep scrolling to see all forty of my strappy spring sandals picks!

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