Mancera Amore Caffè

Mancera Amore Caffè by Olya Bar

In the labyrinthine streets of Italy, where gastronomy dances with art, a serendipitous culinary invention was born. Affogato is a paradox of senses, marrying the robust allure of espresso with the creamy whisper of vanilla ice cream, which has not only tantalized taste buds but has also inspired the recent Mancera Amore Caffè.

The Affogato, an Italian term translating poetically to “drowned,” is an emblem of indulgent contrast. Amore Caffè puts us at a quaint Italian café, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso mingling with the sweet scent of gelato. Here, an unnamed genius first envisioned submerging a pristine scoop of vanilla ice cream in a steaming, dark espresso bath. A bitter Amaretto liquor slowly poured over it. This act, almost rebellious in its culinary audacity, created not just a dessert but an experience, a dance of opposites that challenges and delights the senses.


Affogato via Unsplash.

No wonder, Mancera, known for their penchant for capturing the essence of moments and memories, found their muse in this Italian marvel. Amore Caffè encapsulates the ebb and flow of the Affogato experience – the initial robust hit of café noir, the soothing follow-up of sweet, luscious cream I am particularly in love with a splash of an Amaretto, which ads the perfect almond booziness. In the base, there is almost a buttery aftertaste that keeps us coming for more. It’s a fragrance that tells a story of sensory contrasts.

Mancera Parfums Amore Caffe

Mancera Amore Caffè by Olya Bar

The history of Affogato is as layered as its flavors. Some believe its roots are intertwined with the modernization of the Italian ice cream industry in the 1950s. Yet, the true origin remains elusive, adding to its mystique. This olfactory dessert served by Mancera arrives with speculoos, as they’re called in Belgium, which are spiced gingerbread short crust cookies that are traditionally enjoyed throughout the Christmas holiday season. Their rich spices and crisp texture in the fragrance contrast the heart of Affogato’s creamy smoothness, adding a festive touch to this luxurious dessert—the juxtaposition of deep contrasts – the bitter meeting the sweet, the hot clashing with the cold. For me, the most addictive part is the drydown. A salty, savory aftertaste you get from a balance of sea salt flakes with brown sugar is a marvelous ending to this fragrance, leaving me craving just another spoon or a spritz full of it.

Notes: black coffee, Amaretto liquor, vanilla ice cream, speculoos, brown sugar, vanilla, grey amber.

Olya Bar, Editor.

Disclaimer: The bottle was kindly gifted to me by Twisted Lily where I’m Head of Digital Strategy but opinions are always my own.

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