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Kinetic Perfumes Barcelona Aura, is a creation that emerges from the skilled hands of Chris Maurice, the perfumer celebrated for his artistry in many fine fragrances brands including Xerjoff, Nishane, Astrophil & Stella, Azman, Sarah Baker, Nobile 1942, Manos Gerakinis (and so many more).This olfactory tale unfolds in a realm where fruits wield a wicked charm, and temptation whispers through the air like a secret melody.

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Image of Chris Maurice courtesy of the perfumer.

Imagine approaching a garden, not one rooted in antiquity but a living tableau that stretches beyond time’s constraints. The scent of Kinetic Perfumes Aura heralds your arrival, a dynamic blend of fruits that tantalize without succumbing to clichéd allure. Pineapple, passion fruit, and raspberry dance in harmony, weaving an intricate tapestry of fragrance that defies the ordinary. Maurice, in his exploration of forbidden allure, introduces a layer of complexity with a caramel gourmand depth. It’s not the clichéd sweetness but a nuanced indulgence that lingers beneath the surface—a subtle temptation that beckons without overt seduction. As the fragrance evolves, jasmine sambac takes centre stage, its delicate petals unfurling like an intricate dance. This is not a predictable floral note but an ethereal presence that adds a touch of elegance to the composition. Maurice’s craftsmanship shines, seamlessly integrating the floral with the fruity, creating a symphony of scents that resonates with authenticity.

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Yet, just as the story wouldn’t be complete without shadows, Kinetic Perfume Aura reveals its darker undertones in the base notes. Oakmoss emerges, not as a mere accessory but as a mysterious force that adds depth and intrigue. The juxtaposition of light and shadow within the fragrance mirrors the complexities of human desire and the perennial dance between innocence and temptation. Aura, in Maurice’s hands, becomes a narrative tailored for a younger audience, not in a stereotypical pursuit of youthfulness but as an exploration of vibrant curiosity. It’s a fragrance that doesn’t dictate but invites, urging the wearer to embrace the present and revel in the complexity of the forbidden.

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In the end, the tale of Kinetic Perfumes Aura unfolds into uncharted scented territories. Chris Maurice’s creation is not a retelling of the familiar tale, but an original narrative where fruits wield a wicked charm, and the allure of temptation is as complex as the human spirit. As you venture into the aromatic embrace of Aura, you step not into a garden of a new Eden, an olfactory realm where the fruits of desire are both timeless and uniquely contemporary.

Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, Brazilian orange, grapefruit, pineapple; Middle Notes: raspberry, passion fruit from Perú, plum, lily of the valley, Indian jasmine sambac, vanilla; Base Notes: woody notes, caramel, oakmoss, amber, musk

Disclaimer: Bottle of Kinetic Perfumes Aura kindly supplied by the brand. Opinions are my own.

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Aura by Kinetic Perfumes Barcelona

 Kinetic Perfumes Aura by Karl©

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