Alessandro Brun died Febraury 19th, 2024

When the sun shines high overhead, no gloom surrounds you. Shadows are essentially there, but the light is so bright you can only see splendor. On February 19th, 2024, Alessandro Brun passed away, but his brilliance will brighten our lives forever. Per sempre.

Alessandro Brun, Riccardo Tedeschi, and Ermano Picco in the May roses fields in Grasse 2018

Alessandro Brun, Riccardo Tedeschi, and Ermano Picco in the May roses fields in Grasse 2018

I first met Alessandro Brun along with Riccardo Tedeschi, the founders of Masque Milano in my early blogging days. We shared so many things in common: same University, a technical engineering background, passion for beautiful perfumes, love of music, and pleasures in life. Instantly we felt a connection.  Both Alessandro Brun and I aimed at fitting all into our lives, living life to the fullest, which often meant working hard, but also rejoicing twice.

Alessandro Brun and Ermano Picco at Casa degli Atellani in Milan 2019

Alessandro Brun and Ermano Picco at Casa degli Atellani in Milan 2019

It was later in 2017 that he approached me to become Masque Milano’s internal evaluator for their next project- reinventing the modern chypre. I was hesitant given the ambitious goal, but challenges turn me on, so given my admiration for the line of beautiful creations already in the Opera Collection, I replied – “Let’s try, and see what happens”. The outcome was Kintsugi by Vanina Muracciole, a terrific fragrance inspired by the art of fixing broken pottery with gold. “Do not hide your scars, show them with pride,” now sounds even more meaningful. We’re heartbroken today but having such a significant presence in our life pours the liquid gold of memory and gratitude on us. In the upcoming years more beautiful creations paved our professional and personal paths together. I will certainly miss our dinner meetings discussing new projects, evaluating mods, laughing about the odd facets of certain raw materials, and sharing funny stories over a glass of wine.

Karine Chevalier

Alessandro Brun, Karine Chevallier and Ermano at Esxence 2023

Alessandro Brun was super smart, the kind of sharp-minded guy who always encouraged you to reach for the top. His work as a Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, active researcher and teacher on the topics of Quality Management and Supply Management shows this, and his students and colleagues loved him. But he approached perfume creation the same way, striving for excellence. A natural leader, he was always open to confronting, pondering suggestions, and generously shared his experience and deep knowledge. He was also ahead of the times as to relates to sustainable luxury and gave memorable lectures all around the world, and personally I learned a lot from his fascinating travel stories getting back from any company visit with his students. Alessandro Brun was also with the Technical Committee for the Responsible Innovation Special Award of Premio Accademia del Profumo.

His vision of perfumery was simply amazing.  Early on, he saw and anticipated the profound changes niche perfumery was undergoing and was probably the first to speak about “Slow Perfumery”, extending the basic ideas of Slow Food. Taking time, for time is the greatest luxury, pursuing creativity, being transparent, optimizing costs where possible without compromising excellence and artistry.

Alessandro Brun was an athlete and loved to spend winter holidays skiing with his family. He was a marathon runner who took part to various Milan City Marathons, where he learned fair play and viewing things in the long run. A majestic Master of the ship, he was always sharing success, and Masque Milano was among the first independent brands to credit perfumers writing their names on the bottles. Since the beginning the brand wagered on young perfumers like Julien Rasquinet, Meo Fusciuni, Luca Maffei, and Cristiano Canali giving them opportunities. Moreover Le Donne di Masque  enlisted women perfumers like Delphine Thierry, Cécile Zarokian and Fanny Bal to create a line dedicated to women (but also enjoyed by men).

Alessandro Brun empowered people around him, no matter of their gender, nationality or age, and loved to push their potential. He was always enthusiastic and supportive with other professionals in the industry. Like sincere friends do, we often talked about our other projects and collaborations

Some of the perfumers he worked with graciously share their feelings, memories, and gratitude:

Luca Maffei

photo courtesy of Luca Maffei

“I first met Alessandro Brun in 2010 when we were both about to embark on our own journey into the world of fragrances. From day one, his enthusiasm and passion exuded from the scents of the fragrances he chose, and his ambition to create something unique could be read in the olfactory pyramids. I always proudly recount that creating L’attesa was my most difficult challenge. Alessandro and Riccardo’s maniacal quest for perfection pushed me beyond my limits by creating a fragrance full of emotions and feelings. It was a unique moment for both of us that brought us together into the artistic perfumery spotlight.”-Luca Maffei

 I will always remember those winter evenings when we would meet to talk about our work together, I will always remember your incredible energy. You will be missed; your eternal gaze will be missed. There is a void now. But as you used to say to me, life is made of Lights and Shadows, but you must always live it with joy. Ciao Alessandro.” With Love, Meo Fusciuni

I met you in the early days of the Masque project and then I saw it bloom like a majestic narcissus. An evolving journey full of exchanges. We will miss you.” –Cristiano Canali

Alessandro Brun, Mackenzie Reilly and Ermano Picco in Grasse

Alessandro Brun, Mackenzie Reilly and Ermano Picco in Grasse

Working with Alessandro was a true pleasure.  He was a real visionary in the fragrance industry, full of passion, expertise, attention to detail, and always open to creative collaboration.  He inspired me to think outside the box and push my talents and creativity to new frontiers.  Over the many years of working together we have shared beautiful experiences of touring the fields at LMR, long lunches over French wine in Grasse and Japanese food in New York City, great memories that make me look back at our friendship and creative partnership so fondly.  I feel so lucky that I got to work with Alex and contribute to the Masque Milano portfolio under his guidance. I had just completed my second fragrance with him only days before he passed, and I can only think how much love and commitment he had to his craft that he was able to complete this project in his final days.  I am so humbled to have known him and considered him a friend.  The world has lost a very special person, creative director, teacher, father, husband and friend.  My heart goes out to his family and loved ones in this trying time. He was a true inspiration who will be dearly missed.” –Mackenzie Reilly

As a true gentleman, Alessandro Brun  showed the same kindness talking to newbie perfumistas as well as to content creators, visiting retailers throughout the world, and garnering through the years respect and sincere admiration. Who doesn’t recall his electric guitar live solos on Instagram? What a virtuoso! I have been watching them again these days and can only imagine now he’s rocking and rolling, scenting cloud nine … for sure everybody remembers the live events during the pandemic discussing perfumes, raw materials or launching new creations. Alessandro Brun will be sorely missed by the entire perfume community, and I can never thank him enough for having me in his life. Grazie di tutto Alessandro.

In loving memory, Ermano Picco, Editor and friend

Anyone wishing to make a donation in memory of Alessandro Brun can send it to IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital through bank transfer to

San Raffaele Ospital S.r.l.

Unicredit S.p.a. Bank

IBAN: IT55 V 02008 05364 000101974276


Please include “Pancreas Center of San Raffaele Oncology Group – In Memoriam Alessandro Brun”

Michelyn Camen Alessandro Brun

Riccardo, Ermano, Alessandro and Michelyn at Esxence 2016 for the launch of L’atessa

 Michelyn’s Note: There is a saying you die twice, once when they bury you and finally when they stop thinking or saying your name. Alessandro Brun, you will live on for many, many years to come.

If you are at Esxence March 6-9, please stop by the Masque Milano booth and the Milano Fragranze booths AM 06-08.

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